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Fire Breaks Out At Hotel in Naklua

Fire Causes mass damage to half completed hotel in Naklua

At around 02:00am on January 14th, emergency services were called out to get a fire under control. The blaze had broken out at the Ler Bali hotel construction site in Naklua. The project was roughly half finished.

The nighttime guard, 23 years old, was walking around doing his usual checks when he smelt smoke. He went to investigate and found that a blaze had broken out down in the basement. He quickly called for help and grabbed a nearby extinguisher to try and ease the flames, but to no avail. Emergency services were called and arrived on the scene in no time.

It took a total of 5 fire trucks over 1 hour to eventually get the blaze under control. Once the blaze was completely out, there was still a lot of smoke around so it made it difficult to make a full inspection.

Luckily no one was injured however a lot of damage has been done to the construction, and the construction equipment, which was being kept down in the basement.

Because of the damage and debris, it was difficult to investigate the cause of the blaze, and it is still unknown. A second inspection is due on the site, and will hopefully uncover what caused of the blaze to occur.

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