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Finnish at Pattaya police claiming extortion

Finnish man heads to Pattaya police station claiming extortion

A Finnish man has gone to Pattaya police to claim that he and a fellow countryman have been the victims of extortion.

Hannu Tapani, 47, said that a friend of his had been arrested on assault charges which he denied. He was then prosecuted for overstaying his visa instead.

They had then met a man who they believed was an officer called “Wit” who said that for 25,000 baht he could make the charges “go away”. “Wit” was aged about 35-40.He said he had connections to the Pattaya Station chief and the Chonburi governor.

Meanwhile the friend, a fellow Finn, was being held in jail.

The bribe was paid in two installments firstly at a location in Pattaya then outside the station where they saw “Wit” coming and going believing him to be attached to the police.

But when the friend appeared in court the charges did not go away and he was remanded in custody.

Mr Tapani then said he contacted “Wit” over the phone who assured him it would all be alright if he paid another 10,000 baht.

Wit has not been seen since but police took the complaint and were preparing to interview those concerned again last night.

Source: Pattaya News

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