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They went “that-a-way” – finger pointing Thai victim tells police where thieves went

The picture shows 26 year old Sujitra Saelao who is the latest victim of motorcycle snatch thieves in Pattaya.

Sujitra told reporters that she was returning to her hotel after a night out on the town with her foreign boyfriend when two thieves on a motorcycle pulled up unusually close. Unfortunately, she did not sense any danger until it was too late.

A phone belonging to her boyfriend was knocked out of his grasp and while Sujitra was picking it up the “long haired person” on the back of the bike, who they thought was a woman, grabbed her bag.

The 2 thieves made the quick getaway before the couple had any time to react. They called the police immediately for assistance.

Inside the bag was a Samsung phone, 1,000 baht and some important documents.

Once police arrived at the scene, she pointed in the direction where the thieves fled. They radioed alcohol checkpoints set up throughout the city but the culprits were not found.

Thefts like this are said to be even more common than usual around this time of year due to the upcoming Songkran festivals. Thai’s will be wanting to take time off work and will need some sort of funding, reporters suggested.

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