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Fetish Model Makes £100,000 A Year Selling Used Socks And Shoes Over The Internet

Fetish Model Makes £100,000 A Year Selling Used Socks And Shoes Over The Internet

As far as fetishes go, feet are probably at the PG end of the murky spectrum.

If you found out one of your mates was into pedi-porn you would probably still hang around with them…maybe just not as much.

Whereas if you found out they were into ‘space docking’ – please don’t search it – you would be well within your rights to contact their employer and make sure they never be around other people ever again, at least not unsupervised.

Anyway, back to feet – apparently there’s a lot of money to be made. People – I imagine mainly men – will pay cash money to women in the web to get a peak at their tender trotters.

Just take Roxy Sykes for example; she claims to make £100,000 a year working as a fetish model on the internet.

The 33-year-old says after someone complimented her on her ‘gorgeous feet’ she decided to set up an Instagram page to see how true the interest in her feet was – and it turns out, very.

In one month she gained over 10,000 followers and she hasn’t looked back.

Credit: Caters

Roxy said: “I didn’t show my face or anything at first, so I knew people were just interested in me for my feet, so it didn’t feel too personal.”

But she soon realised the fetish world is a ruthless landscape where only the strongest survive – diversify or die.

So to stay relevant and to fight off competition from internet hussies trying to tread on her turf, she now flogs ‘used’ socks and shoes to her hoards of fans for £20 and £200 a pop.

She claims it has allowed her to earn up to £8,000 in a busy month.

She said: “Posting photos and videos of my feet was all well and good, but people always wanted more and wanted to physically own something to do with my feet.

“I would be in business meetings, taking photos of my feet under the table, and getting an influx of messages by the hour asking if they could buy anything.

Credit: Caters

“So I moved my business onto different websites, as well as just social media, and suddenly started making £2000 a week from just one website alone.

“Then a single video of even me just wiggling my toes would make £100, so I was really raking in a lot of money.”

And the property investor says her job has never affected her love life and has no plans to quit the job any time soon.

With so much dollar to be made I don’t blame her.

She said: “I really like what I do, and I think that’s because I really got desensitized from it and saw it as work.

“I have never had any trouble getting into relationships because of what I do, and my friends and family are on board with what I do.

“It’s great to be able to get home from a normal working day to know I can make a bit of extra money from a photo of my feet.

“I know it’s something I will never stop doing – the money is so good and it’s so easy, there’s no reason I would!”

Credit: Caters

But wanting to put something back into the industry that has given her so much, Roxy says she is now mentoring the fetish models of tomorrow.

She said: “I have started to train different models in how to get into the fetish industry and make money like I am.

“It’s great to be able to help others and teach people my apparent ‘talent’ so that they can follow what I do.

“It’s also amazing to see people’s confidence grow when they make these videos and start to earn money from something like a pair of socks.

“Working as a team together also helps to beat the stigma and make the industry less frowned upon.”

I don’t know why I’m surprised at this, it was only yesterday that Crocs sold out of their Post Malone range.

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