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Female Tourist Exposes Privates in a Tasteless Temple Photo in Bangkok

Yet another foreign woman has sparked outrage on Thai social media after posing for a photo with her privates exposed at a temple considered to be among Thailand’s holiest sites.

Netizens are reportedly unhappy about the now-viral image where an unnamed woman is seen climbing up a ledge at Bangkok’s Wat Phra Kaew (Temple of the Emerald Buddha), and then resting her bare feet on it.
Posing with her skirts with high slits lifted, her private parts were seen on display as a guy took her photo.
Facebook user Aditha But Adit uploaded photos of the tasteless scene on his account and soon became widely shared by netizens. The original post has since been deleted after generating online and local media attention.
“When I was trying to get through a crowd of Chinese tourists to pray to the Emerald Buddha, my eyes almost popped out of their sockets when I saw this madam posing for a photo. I was about to warn her but she left first. This is inappropriate. Even if she hadn’t seen a warning sign, she still shouldn’t have climbed [a religious site].”
He also shared a photo of a warning sign in the area prohibiting visitors from sitting on the ledge.
Thailand, a favorite destination among tourists, has borne witness to a number of misbehaving visitors in recent months. In November, an American gay couple showed off their butts in photos of themselves at Buddhist temples. A month later, another pair sprayed graffiti in the busy streets of Silom Road, Bangkok.
In January, Thailand saw one of many begpackers, a feces-throwing tourist, more Banksy wannabes, and then in February, another pair of begpackers emerged from Japan.
Just a few weeks ago, images of a naked female tourist rubbing herself against a sacred, penis-shaped rock formation also angered netizens.

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