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Female DJ, 23, dies after plunging from balcony (update)

A popular DJ in Houston, Texas, fell to her death in the early hours of . Her friend claims she saw her climb onto a chair on the 13th-floor balcony and accidentally fall over the railing.

Darian Lewis, 23, also known as DJ D Baby, died more than a week after being hospitalized from the devastating fall.

Lewis’ girlfriend Nishia Jackson was the only other person present on the balcony when Lewis fell, but Jackson claims she had nothing to do with it.

“There was no way I could have knocked her over, she only got over it because she climbed on the furniture. I literally had to pick her up and throw her over her, which is absolutely absurd! WE DON’T FIGHT!’ Jackson said in a lengthy Facebook post.

The aspiring DJ, who had over 27,000 followers on Instagram when she died, had recently celebrated her 23rd birthday.

Her mother, Terri Lewis, took to Facebook to announce the death and said: “My youngest and only daughter has changed, please pray for the family, my heart is heavy and broken.”

Her death remains under investigation by the Houston Police Department.

Darrian Lewis, also known as DJ D Baby, fell to her death in the early hours while she was at her friend’s apartment. Her friend says Lewis was drunk and tried to climb onto a chair before falling over the railing

Nishia Jackson, Lewis’ girlfriend, says she saw Lewis fall off the balcony after Jackson forbade Lewis to drive home because she was drunk. Jackson ran down the stairs to Lewis and called for help

Billing herself as “the youngest DJ in Houston,” Lewis says she discovered her love for DJing after being gifted a DJ set after high school

Lewis fell from the 13th floor balcony of the Camden Downtown Apartments in Houston at around 5 a.m. on July 4 onto a 9th floor pool deck. The fall from four flights later proved fatal.

Before her death, Jackson said Lewis was dropped off at her apartment by an “employee” as she “couldn’t drive” because she was drunk.

Jackson said her friend wanted to go home, but when Jackson stopped her, Lewis ran onto the patio and climbed into a chair, where she “fell over before I could save her.”

“I literally saw and heard them fall before my eyes,” said the distraught Jackson.

She says she then ran down the stairs to Lewis because the “elevator was taking too long” and when she reached them “immediately yelled” and “called for help.”

Addressing rumors that she killed her friend on purpose, Jackson said those who theorized about the events were “cruel” and “unjust.”

“I am aware that there are many rumors going around and they are all very discouraging. We were anything but perfect. We had issues like most but I wouldn’t hurt her I love nor anyone in that way,” she said.

Jackson has also put to bed any rumors that Lewis tried to self-harm, saying: “I was also devastated by the fact that some people are now insinuating that she tried to self-harm, that it’s not true either!”

Jackson offered several explanations for what might have caused her friend to fall, mentioning that she had never seen Lewis “drink at that level.”

“Maybe she didn’t realize how high we were because of the intake at the moment, maybe she just slipped! IDK, but the lies are SICK!’ she posted.

Lewis’ mother Terri posted some pictures with her daughter and said her “heart is heavy and broken” over the 23-year-old’s fall

But Jackson says she understands why people might blame her, considering she was the only other person there at the time, saying, “People will obviously find someone to blame.” “

Her father, Darrin Lewis, said his family will “trust the system and we will let them do their job” to find out how Lewis fell that night.

“She did things that people my age didn’t do,” Darrin said.

Darrian only started DJing after she was gifted a DJ set after high school and quickly took the name DJ D Baby before attending Texas Southern University.

“The crazy thing is that I could hardly DJ at the time. I saw college as an opportunity to reinvent myself and start a new journey. The rest is history in the making,” she said in an interview.

Lewis called herself “the youngest DJ in Houston” and said she’s “affiliated with some of the best media and brands.”

Lewis also spoke about the role her parents played in becoming a DJ, saying, “My parents play a huge part in my success, my family that’s in my corner forever.

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