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Father brings monk to a murder scene after rape attack

Father brings monk to a murder scene after rape attack

On Tuesday morning residents on the seventh floor of a Samut Prakan condominium building where a young woman lost her life last Saturday evening with her body found at 11 pm near the elevator, moved to other parts of the residential tower as a Buddhist monk performed a ritual summoning her spirit to the scene of last Saturday’s deadly attack at the hands of her neighbor from the 3rd floor.

A 62-year-old father of a 23-year-old woman who was murdered on Christmas Day in her condominium unit in Samut Prakan province, on Tuesday, brought a monk to summon her spirit in preparation for her funeral rites which are to be held on December 30th next in Nakhon Pathom, her home province.

Inthuron Korhan died on Christmas Night after being injured in an attempted rape within her home during which she received a fatal knife wound at the hands of her crazed attacker, a neighbor within the apartment tower who was arrested by police the next morning after the building was sealed off.

A monk officiated at a ceremony on the 7th floor of a condominium building in the Bang Phli district of Samut Prakan on Tuesday morning summoning the spirit of a young woman who was murdered there on Christmas Day by a 41-year-old married man after he attempted to rape her.

The body of 23-year-old Inthuron Korhan was found at 11 pm on Christmas Day beside the elevator on the 7th floor of the 10 storey B2 apartment block in the Muang Thong development in the Bang Chalong Subdistrict.

Police believe the woman had tried to summon help after she fled from her apartment following the attack but expired from severe blood loss.

On Monday, a senior officer revealed the woman was attacked by her 41-year-old assailant, named Mr Nathachai Atsamat, after he hid in a cupboard in her bedroom before launching a sexual assault as he attempted to rape Ms Inthuron which she fiercely resisted.

Details of the disturbing case were given to the media by Police Lieutenant General Jiraphat Phumjit after officers had successfully apprehended the culprit in his 3rd-floor apartment within the complex situated near a fire escape which he shared with his wife, on Sunday morning, after the alarm was raised the night before.

Officers told the press the man had noticed the 23-year-old earlier on Saturday on the first floor of the building and broke into her apartment on the 7th before she returned there.

He is thought to have hidden in a wardrobe before launching his fatal attack on Ms Inthuron.

As the woman fought back against the man who was armed with a knife, she suffered a fatal wound to the left leg which severed the aorta or the main artery that carries blood from the heart.

The resultant massive bleeding caused by the wound led the young woman to lose consciousness and expire as she sought help after the 41-year-old attacker fled.

Police told the press that Mr Nathachai had left a trail of evidence throughout the building as they pursued their quarry before finally arresting him on Sunday morning.

He is reported to have already confessed to the attempted rape and murder of the young woman.

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