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Fancy a cheap beer, head to Thailand

Fancy a cheap beer, head to Thailand

Thailand was recently named to British company Travelex’s list of the ten cheapest places in the world to buy a beer.

Now, to be fair, they only surveyed 32 countries that are popular places for Brits to vacation and took into account the average price of a local pint of draft beer in a bar.

Their data placed Thailand at 6th cheapest and clocked the average price of a pint of beer to be THB60 in the country. They must be taking into account island bars and places far outside Bangkok since we rarely see a pint of even mass-market Thai beer at less than THB90 in the city.

According to the collected data, the cheapest UK vacation spot to buy a pint is Bulgaria while, unsurprisingly, the United Arab Emirates was the most expensive.

Check out their full list below:

Ten Cheapest Places to Buy a Beer

  1. Bulgaria (£0.97/THB41)
  2. Czech Republic (£1.07/THB46)
  3. Hungary (£1.09/THB47)
  4. Mexico (£1.15/THB49)
  5. Portugal (£1.35/THB58)
  6. Thailand (£1.45/THB60)
  7. South Africa (£1.55/THB66)
  8. Poland (£1.56/THB67)
  9. Jamaica (£1.61/THB69)
  10. Barbados (£1.65/THB70)

Ten Most Expensive Places to Buy a Beer

  1. United Arab Emirates (£8.81/THB376)
  2. Norway (£7.61/THB325)
  3. Switzerland (£5.81/THB248)
  4. Sweden (£5.62/THB240)
  5. Denmark (£5.50/THB235)
  6. Finland (£5.23/THB223)
  7. Ireland (£4.50/THB192)
  8. France (£4.50/THB192)
  9. Australia (£4.24/THB181)
  10. Canada (£3.60/THB154)

Source: Coconuts

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