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FamilyMart targets student market

FamilyMart says it is promoting its stores in university areas, showcasing products and services in the Thailand 4.0 era.


Pong Sakuntanaga, vice president of Central FamilyMart Co, Ltd, said: “FamilyMart keeps moving forward to offer products and services to reach all customer groups in university areas. We believe that we can differentiate ourselves and attract the customers to repeat their visits. Recently, we have renovated the store at Rangsit University by adding a wide selection of imported products and services and adjusting design, mood and tone to respond to customers in the 4.0 era.

“The design is under the concept of ‘fresh, fun and friendly’ with an emphasis on the freshness of food, great shopping and friendly service. Furthermore, we would like this store to be the community hub for school and university students in the area.”

Pong added: “The special feature of this branch is not only to offer the domestic and imported goods and services. We also focus on a variety of food selections, such as a fresh bakery.

“In addition, there is the printing service from Double A Fast Print, health and beauty products and a dining area inside the store.”

Kwankhao Kritsanasopa, a student from Rangsit University, was quoted saying by FamilyMart: “Having a store in front of the university really responds to the lifestyle of students. The dining area can be a meeting point and learning centre 24 hours for the students.”

With the promotion “Cheer Sud-Jai with FamilyMart”, with every purchase of Bt40, customers receive a chance to win a 40” LCD TV or gaming devices.

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