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Family checks rocker ‘Sek Loso’ into hospital for bipolar treatment

Family checks rocker ‘Sek Loso’ into hospital for bipolar treatment

Thai rocker Seksan “Sek Loso” Sukpimai has suffered from a severe bipolar disorder and is in urgent need of treatment, his family members told a press conference on Tuesday.


Following days of the rocker’s seemingly erratic behaviour on Facebook Live posts, his former wife Wiphakorn “Kan” Sukpimai, their 21-year-old son Settakarn “Sua” Sukpimai and Seksan’s current girlfriend Apisaya “Eve” Pattanaworasap convened an intervention. They forcibly checked Seksan into a hospital for bipolar disorder treatment over the weekend.

During the press conference in Bangkok, the three quoted a doctor diagnosing Seksan as being in the “third and final phase” of the progression of bipolar disorder, which can lead to psychiatric illness. He is now in need of urgent treatment, they said.

The relatives recalled that they had initially plotted to give Seksan some sleeping pills or tranquillisers but the singer chose not to ingest them. Two days later, they hatched another plan involving co-ordination of various people including a housing estate’s management office. That plan succeeded in getting the singer to hospital, they said.

They said they would later discuss Seksan’s treatment with the doctor. So far, he was in good hands and had not caused any problems, said the family.

Ex-wife Wiphakorn said she was worried and sincerely wanted to help solve Seksan’s issues, which she had tried to keep from her two younger children. She said older son Settakarn would soon fly back to the US to continue his studies, which are only one year from graduation. Settakarn has transferred authority for his father’s care to her, said Wiphakorn.

She also apologised on Seksan’s behalf to the people whom he had talked about in his live-stream episodes. The comments were made out of illness, she said.

Girlfriend Apisaya said she would take good care of Seksan and follow the doctor’s instructions. Seksan could still recover from this, she said, provided that he is disciplined in taking his medication and also in taking care of himself.

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