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Fake Virus protectors on the market

Fake Virus protectors

Officials have seized fake virus protector necklaces on 8 March 2020 that claims to protect wearers from viruses, including the feared Covid-19 Coronavirus.

Not only are these necklaces a waste of the people’s money, but they might also be dangerous as they have a possibility to be made with toxic chemicals.

Police Major General Nattasak Chaonasai from the Consumer Protection Police Division (CPPD) gave orders to Police Colonel Chananat Sarntawanpat and other related officials from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to search a home with a search warrant issued by the Thanyaburi Provincial Court.

Officials inspected a home in Thayaburi, Pathum Thani Province and another home in Bang Khen, Bangkok after they were notified that these buildings were storing items claimed to have the ability in protection against viruses.

There have been previous arrests of other sellers storing the same product on 6 March 2020, 2 days prior to this latest find. The necklaces are sold for 300-500 THB each to consumers. Sellers will advertise to customers that the necklaces put out a chemical that kills the bacteria and viruses floating around the wearer, it is so effective, that you no longer need to wear medical masks.

These are extremely extensive claims that are clearly false.

The product name is “Virus Shut Out”, it looks similar to an employee card that you wear around the neck. Officials discovered 2 men named Note and M who were guarding the products in the building.

The 2 men stated that the necklace is sold at 400 THB each. The FDA is testing the product to see if they contain Chlorine Dioxide.

This is not the only product that claims to kill the Covid-19 virus. Many online sellers are advertising false products such as pens, fans, and other goods.

Officials are worried that customers who believe the claims might wear these necklaces and throw away hygienic protection measures against getting the virus, such as wearing medical masks and frequently washing your hands.


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