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Fake precious stones sold in the Thai online market

Fake precious stones sold in the Thai online market

Fake precious stones sold in the Thai online market

Duangkamol Jiambut from the Gem and Jewelry Institute of Thailand (Public Organization) has come out to report that the Institute realizes the spreading of fake diamonds and gems for sale in the Thai online market.

There have been many advertisements through websites and social media platforms from precious stone sellers that are gaining popularity by buyers.

These sellers are gaining popularity due to pretty words that offer you amazing diamonds and gems at a price that is so much cheaper than the average precious stone market price.

Duangkamol states “There have been gemstones on sale of a big online platform with overstated advertisements offering great quality stones for a fraction of the market price.


For example, a post offered to sell Natural Columbian green stones ranging from 7.95 to 10.95 carat at a price of 379.20 to 401.98 THB. The current average price for the same weight of the stone is millions on the precious stone markets.

Another good example is the natural Blue Sapphire being sold at 614.32 THB for stones ranging from 6 to 20 carat, shipping included. The market price is at least 10k per Ct for the blue sapphire.”

Another trick used by these sellers is a money back warranty promise to the buyers. The trick is that they don’t actually give you cash back, only store credits that can be used to purchase any items within their store online store only.

This is continuing the cycle as the money will remain in their system whether you want to keep the stone or exchange it for a different stone.


GIT wishes to warn precious stone lovers to think carefully before deciding to buy diamonds and gems online. Important factors to consider include reviewing the comments and to read carefully whether reviews are real from true buyers or not.

Another factor is to see whether the store has been reviewed by the institution with the BWC symbol or other trustable organizations.


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