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Expensive vehicle abandoned filled with drugs

Expensive vehicle

3 men abandoned an expensive car in the Bang Khun Thian District, Bangkok filled with drugs inside. Police Officers from the Sam Dum Police Station discovered 100 packs of Yaba pills, a total of 200,000 pills placed inside a large bag.

The drugs came from a car that was abandoned by the road in Bang Khun Thian. The suspects inside the car fled and chose to leave the car to run away from any risks with the police. Sam Dum officials were notified by a patrol officer from the Tha Kam Police Station.

The patrol officer suspected unusual activities from the group of persons in the car who were all acting suspicious.

There are 2 main points were drugs were found.

At the first point, the police discovered a sack with a bird logo. Inside was 20 packs of Yaba pills coming to a total of 40,000 pills.

At the second point, officials found a Hyundai H-1 with a Bangkok license plate parked in front of a cafe. The car keys and a phone was left on the car console.

In the back of the car was a large blue sack with 80 packs of Yaba pills, a total of 160,000 pills. Right by the blue sack was 2 liters of boiled Kratom juice inside 2 soda bottles.

The patrol official found 2 men placing the first sack with the bird logo by the road.

When they saw that an officer was driving by the men got scared and jumped into the car and drove away. The car was found abandoned in front of the cafe.

The license plate inspection revealed that the car belongs to Adisorn 33 years old from Samut Songkhram Province with no criminal record.

Adisorn has changed his name and is currently using the name Nattapat. Officials have revealed that there are 3 suspects who were dropping off the drugs when a patrol officer happened to drive by.


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