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No evidence of Koh Tao rape: police chief

No evidence of Koh Tao rape: police chief

Koh Tao Rape: Pol Maj Gen Surachete Hakparn, the deputy tourist police commissioner currently on Koh Tao, says investigators have found no evidence to support a rape case as claimed by a British backpacker.


But he did welcome any evidence from the UK teenager to prove her claims.

Surachet was assigned by the national chief Gen Chakthip Chaijinda to investigate the case.

The police said they have invited her to return to Thailand to make her case.

The senior officer arrived in Koh Tao on a fact-finding mission yesterday.

Accompanied by Koh Tao police, tourist police, immigration officials and the island mayor, Surachet inspected Sai Ree beach where the victim claimed the rape took place, the bar where she suspected she was drugged and the hostel where she stayed with three companions.

The 19-year-old British tourist claims she was drugged, raped and robbed of her phone, credit cards and Bt3,000 in cash. However, she alleged that the Koh Pha-ngan police refused to accept her rape complaint after she took a ferry to the neighbouring island to attend a monthly full moon party.

Surachet said he talked to the hostel owner, Pathra Jamtrakul, who told the police that she saw the British tourist cry and asked her what happened and was told she regretted having an affair with a male companion.

Judging from forensic evidence collected, testimonies from witnesses and documents, Surachet said the police did not find any evidence of rape, as claimed.

He warned that if the case was proven to be fabricated, those who posted information about the case on social media and those who shared misinformation could face charges under the Computer Crime Law.

The British tourist was unavailable for comment.

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