Swiss man attacked by Thai teenager


Swiss man attacked by Thai teenager

A Swiss man suffers a nasty head injury after being attacked by a Thai teenager with a wooden pole, before making his getaway on his motorbike.

At around 4am on November 26th, Pattaya police were called to Soi 16 on Pattaya Second Road after getting reports of an attack on a male tourist.

Arriving at the scene they found the 55 year old Swiss victim, Mr Andreas Lechner, who was still bleeding excessively from a head wound.

Paramedics arrived shortly to attend to the victim at the scene before he was taken away to a local hospital for further checkups. His injuries are said to be serious, but not life threatening.

Police took a statement from an eye witness at the scene, who told them that the victim had approached his shop to order a kebab. As he was waiting, a teenager pulled up on a motorbike with an excessively loud exhaust blaring. The victim asked him to switch the bike off as he was simply sat waiting and making a lot of unnecessary noise.

After the teen refused, the victim made his way up to the bike and turned the key to switch off the engine. The teen reacted by throwing a few soft punches, shouting a bit of abuse before driving off.

It was minutes later though, that he reappeared with a piece of wood.

He ran up to the victim and began striking him around the head several times, before making his getaway for the second time and final time.

Police were called immediately by the kebab shop owner.

Police will be hoping to get a statement from the victim in the next few days, whilst also seeking the help of the local CCTV to hopefully catch the culprit and press charges.

Any updates to the investigation will be published as soon as we get it.

  • Koltyn

    Hate that this happen to this Swiss man but he made a huge error in judgement here. Never try to correct these Thai men and certainly never touch their property. The loud music is a nuisance but let another Thai deal with it because even if he is caught very little will happen to him.

    • Green23

      wild jungles have their own rules

      • Signor

        Something that Swiss Cheese has learned the hard day.

        • Michael Jarvis

          you just dont go and turn his engine off
          just ignore them

    • soidog

      Indeed,and the moron Thai will be another Darwin prize winner soon ,with a bit of luck.

      • Sly

        No luck required, apparently it’s fate.

      • JACK

        The helmetless Thai boy will get his Karma, there is a lampost or street sign just waiting for him and his speeding moped!

    • Robert

      His huge error was thinking he was something special in a foreign country. That is like him being in his own or other countries, walking up to someone’s car and reaching inside to turn the car off. Chances are pretty high he would have been beaten or shot.

  • popeye the sailorman

    they are going to check cctv for evidence THAT IS IF CCTV IS WORKING….remember that there are LESS than 50 percent working in Pattaya !!!

    • Guest

      That is still better than your brain cells: with all those chang beers you have drinking day in and day out, 97% of your brain cells are definitely damaged. So chut your trap and crawl back to your tunnel, you idiot.

      • Kim Jong un

        Is that all you can do abuse people on here ? Chut your trap? Where’s your brain cells beast

        • Wally

          He has none, LA Queer is only here to engage in personal attacks and abuse of members. Notice he never makes an original comment to the stories. Just ignore him like so many do here as his act is so old and stale no one is moved by him and his many other user names.

      • JACK

        Chut your trap too, you drunken Fenian Catholic Irish potato-head slob!

  • Ken Anderson

    Yet another brain dead scumbag Thai male, living an antisocial life of crime.
    Once CCTV has been checked for sure this Swiss tourist will be put on some jumped up charge by the keystones, and have what is left of his holiday cash extorted from him.

  • Sly

    When you go to the zoo obey the signs that say don’t touch the animals. Except the petting cage where you can safely play with the pu$$y as long as you agree to pay the entrance fee of course.

    • Justin Cider

      … or, for those seeking a gay old time, the tame a$$ in the same petting zoo that can easily be tempted with a carrot or something resembling it. Accessible from the rear and front entrances.

  • Thomas

    His kebab shop? This guy is a fool. Looks like he had a few bar tabs to pay. Maybe liquid courage got the better of this kebab eating loser.

    • soidog

      The eyewitness owns the kebab shop..?

    • Rob

      Yes, that would be the kebab shop belonging to “the eye witness at the scene”

      • JACK

        Doner what the Cheese head was doing trying to play traffic cop!

  • private pile

    Dont mess with the locals and this doesnt happen… make a young thai lad look stupid then im sure he will return the get revenge via the wooden pole

  • ken

    Another criminal Thai man under the influence of stupidity launched a sneak attacked at this simple minded Swiss and there will be no consequences for this Thai man. Just another day in this wasteland.

  • Ricksanchez

    The guy wanted to get away from the rigid rules of Switzerland, on the other hand their flag is a big plus.

  • Rob

    Pattaya is the sewer of the world, leave the rats (local or visiting one) alone.

  • Lt.farlang

    somebody loose face there,so next time maybe better you do your homework on what not to do as a farlang,or simply do as I do,stay out of the wasteland

  • Glockandspiel

    In the early hours, the laws of the jungle apply and this Swiss cheese should have minded his own business, got his kebab and went home. He should have known that Thais lose face at the drop of a hat or the most trivial of matters. They love to administer a serious beating on a foreigner just to add to their cv and this man is lucky that his attacker didn’t come back with his friends as is normally the case.

  • Charles Baht Esquire.

    Next time Toblerone man here should just zip it up mind your own business get your lamb kebab with tabouli and garlic sauce with a cold chang and go home .

  • JACK

    He got pole position but that ruined t-shirt pissssed him off!

  • JACK

    Dye hard!

  • Mr T~witter

    The guy in the black shirt seems to have a growth on his head in the shape of a helmet.