Stay awake tonight for a meteor shower spectacle

Stay awake tonight for a meteor shower spectacle

People who stay up late on Saturday night till early Sunday can enjoy a spectacular Perseid meteor show, weather permitting, an official of the National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand said.

Suparirk Karuehanon, chief of the academic service division of the institute, said the meteor shower will be visible from all areas of the country on the northeast sky.

The shower could peak at 100 meteors per hour, he said.

Perseids are made of tiny space debris from the comet Swift-Tuttle and the shower is named after the constellation Perseus, as the direction, or radiant, from which the shower seems to come in the sky lies in the same direction as the constellation Perseus.

Suparirk said visibility of the meteors will depend on whether the sky is clear and dark enough.

People in the South, which has been experiencing rains, will have little chance of seeing the meteor shower, he added.

Source: Thai Visa

  • Mike Murphy

    day of the triffids ?

  • amazingthailand

    North koreans?

  • ken

    While everyone is focus on the meteor shower spectacle,Thai men and LBs will surely take the opportunity to increase their engagement in their usual criminal activities such as stealing, robbing, breaking and entering, chain snatching and assault culminated by murder.

  • Ken Anderson

    Events such as this meteor shower, here in this wasteland will just lead to yet more nonsense. I suppose in all the hillbilly communities they will be transfixed on this spectacle, stood their mouth open and pointing skywards, then for days on end afterwards will be spouting loads of clap trap and mumbo jumbo about ghosts and spirits, burning things in temples and giving yet more food and money to those lazy orange clad Thai men, in order to ward of the evil.
    That of course will only be the female hillbillies of course, the men will it all to be perfectly normal, being spaced out and seeing mysterious lights in the sky on a daily basis, as a result of their addictions to mind altering substances.

  • taff

    You will be able to buy genuine ‘?’ space debris and dust soon anywhere in Thailand.

  • Chris Snell

    Last time i was there i went to nong khai they say that at a certain time of the year fireballs fly out of the mekong

  • If in Bangkok just get drunk in the rooftop skybar, you wont see anything in the sky due to light pollution, maybe a few flickers or a North Korean ICBC flying past!