Warning….Mass of Chinese tourists to flock to Thailand next month for New Year


Warning….Mass of Chinese tourists to flock to Thailand next month for New Year

Thailand should remain a top destination for Chinese tourists traveling abroad over the Chinese New Year holidays next month.

The Association of Thai Travel Agents (ATTA) has placed the number of expected arrivals at over 400,000 — and they should spend about THB20 billion while they’re here, reported Bangkok Post.

The actual New Year’s Day is Feb. 16 but Chinese public holidays last for seven days.

The expected arrival number reflects a 10 percent increase over last year.

Another change in chinese tourism is that more direct flights between China and Thailand means less charter flights, which means that more Chinese will travel as couples, friend groups, or families instead of large charter groups.

In 2017, 9.8 million Chinese tourists visited Thailand, spending THB480 billion. As many as 10.8-11 million Chinese arrivals are expected this year and the numbers are expected to increase for the next five years, keeping China firmly in the lead for the largest group of international tourists to come to Thailand.

Source: Coconuts

  • Charles Baht Esquire

    Great! just dandy more Chinese coming here p issing and sh*ting behind trees and shrubs .

  • Heywood Jablowmie

    Well, this little story must be a plant. A setup, to see who takes the bait. I’m not biting on this. The comments you should get here are both predictable and accurate. Ughhh

  • ken

    Look for an increase in filth, uncouth behavior and the unbearable pungent aroma of the unwashed Chinaman soiling this wasteland.

  • Ken Anderson

    Are these rude, uneducated and uncultured masses what TAT class as ‘quality tourists’?
    Maybe so, as they will blend in with the indigenous population perfectly.

  • JJ (not the one in the photo)

    Just when you think it can’t get any worse.

    • weasel

      It could be if it were russians!

  • weasel

    And how much of this 480 billion will find its way to the provences of issaan?

  • Tony Akhurst

    Ah well it will be a good time for the l/b and motor bike thieves with all there gold chains.
    Serves the disgusting smelly rude Chinese tourists hope they bring there own spittoons.

  • USPatriot

    Chinese makes a cheap charlie look like a big spender, remember when the monks banned yhe chinese from the temple because they are filthy and left the bathrooms a mess

    • soidog

      TAT expects them to spend £1150 each and will be checking!,those that fall short will be barred from the kingdom for a period not exceeding five years or fined 200bt.

  • John

    Big C will be filling the shelves with pot noodles

  • Glockandspiel

    The estimates from the ATTA of increased numbers of tourists from the motherland generating increased revenues needs revising. The red army of quality zero baht bus tours will indeed swell numbers but these penny pinching, free loading cheap Changs will bring little money to the economy. Their mission is to take over the country and make Thailand a colony of the People’s Republic. With ever increasing numbers predicted in the future, Thailand may be renamed Thaiwan or Thaitwo.