Korean men caught with “ICE” – also found to be on the run


Korean men caught with “ICE” – also found to be on the run

On August 11th, Pattaya police made the arrest of two Korean men after carrying out a drugs raid at a condo in the Pratumnak area of Pattaya.

The two men were taken into custody after police suspected that they had been involved in the use of methamphetamine or “ICE” as its known as here in Thailand.

That, however, was just the tip of the iceberg when after checking their passports and details, police found that they had arrest warrants issued back in their home country, and were in fact, on the the run here in Pattaya.

A tourist police raiding party led by Piyapong Ensarn went to the South Pattaya condo of Sang Tae Sor, 30, and Hun Sol Jeon, 34, after reports received about drug taking.

It didn’t take long for police to find what they were looking for. They found equipment which is specifically used to take ICE and urine tests later confirmed that the 2 men had in fact been using.

It was found later that Sor was wanted on a warrant for being involved in the illegal sex trade while one had also been issued for Jeon for fraud.

The two men had been hiding out in Pattaya. They were attained and will be deported to Korea when the matter of their drug taking in Thailand is settled.


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