Koh Chang’s Secret


Anyone been to Koh Chang recently? It’s lovely this time of year, weather is not too hot, and there is plenty going on to keep you entertained. If you are planning on going, you won’t need to look much further than Koh Chang Resortel.

The place has recently been taken over by Australian backers, and major improvements have taken place. Not only have the rooms all be updated, they are extending too. Take a look at their Facebook page for special promotions which are being updated all the time and you will struggle to find a better deal elsewhere.

The Resort provides everything you could possibly need for a holiday, from entertainment, food and drink, and leisure activities too.

They also have a Members Reward Card available which entitles you to a whole load of discounts and promotions etc. You can find all the information you need at their website www.club-xyz.asia

What is Club xyz you may be wondering. Well, Club xyz is a privately owned embryonic entertainment concept about to be introduced and developed within a massive 140 room hotel on 14 rai of absolute ocean front land on the scenic island of Koh Chang, Thailand.

Nowhere in Thailand or Asia exists a total entertainment extravaganza, completely encapsulated within the one complex. Further, nowhere that consists of a low cost, MEMBERS ONLY entry, such as Club xyz proposes ensuring maximum security and the cost of food and drinks cheaper than the local bars and restaurants.

Go check it out for yourselves guys


  • Ken

    Well there looks like nothing there to attract my attention.
    One to avoid I would say.

  • pompeypaul

    Is there anything that you do like Ken you miserable dull old fart?

    • Ken

      I like many things, but this doesn’t catch my eye.

  • mike mongerer

    The glass floor of the “Whisky Wild Cabaret Bar” in this complex makes it sound like they are trying to imitate the highly successful voyeuristic Baccara glass floor concept. If the owners think they are going to keep the local authorities out of their business by making this whole place private, then good luck with that idea. On the other hand, maybe it was the local authorities that demanded the privacy, to keep the risque nature of this place separate from the more respectable local community?

    The only other motivation I can see here to build this place is to cater to wealthy people who demand extra security. But that doesn’t sync with the goal of providing cheaper food and drinks than can be found elsewhere in the same area.

    Transportation to/from this island would seem to be the biggest drawback to this new venture. Personally, I have never been to Koh Chang. Why would I go so far out of my way like that to visit an adult playground when I can experience all the sleazy entertainment I want right here in convenient Pattaya? For some extra security? I’m guessing the owners of this new Koh Chang Resortel are trying to introduce some serious sleaze to the island, and this isolation tactic is how they plan to sneak in under the radar.

    • Ken

      These people are deluded. It is in most cases possible, but very expensive to ‘sneak under the radar’ in Thailand.

    • soidog

      My mates have a day out in Jomtien for a ‘change’ whats different ? they sit bickering
      in a filthy bar same same Soi Buakhao.

  • Mike Murphy

    more police being brought into the area to get in on the tea money

  • xyz yer

    The word pyramid comes to mind

  • IsaanAussie

    Jurassic era website design aside, the numerous grammatical and spelling mistakes make me a little wary…

  • soidog

    Oh Good ! another embryonic entertainment concept. Cant wait…..

  • USPatriot

    Since tourism is at an all time high they should be full soon. Hahahah