Brutal beating for Iranian man by group of young Thais


Brutal beating for Iranian man by group of young Thai’s

In the early hours of Tuesday October 3rd, an Iranian man was the subject of a brutal attack by a group of 4-5 young Thai men.

The tourist was found at the bottom of Soi 13 beach road by the mobile police unit and had serious wounds to his head, with blood still pouring down his face and body.

He told them that he and his friends were visiting Pattaya for the first time and were walking along beach road, admiring the views when a gang of 4-5 Thai men armed with glass bottles pounced for no reason what so ever.

Unfortunately for the victim, Ali Khadem, aged 29, his so-called friend made a run for it, leaving him alone to fend off the attack.

Rescue workers gave the victim first aid treatment at the scene before rushing him off to a local hospital for further treatment and recovery.

Police took the victim’s statement and managed to track down and arrest 2 potential suspects. Both suspects point blank denied their involvement in the attack, however, police were not convinced and the two men were held pending further investigation into CCTV footage from the area.

The rest of the gang are actively being tracked down as we speak.

The victim was reported to be in a stable condition after the attack and could count himself rather fortunate that he didn’t suffer any serious injuries are fatal cuts from the glass bottles and other weapons that may have been used.


  • Glockandspiel

    These drink and drug addled Thai men hate foreigners and will use any excuse to attack them. Thailand is the Land of Smiles but the lazy Thai men don’t like the fact that their women go with foreign men and just smile through gritted teeth. Like hyenas, when an opportunity arises they attack in packs. Looking at the size of this Iranian man, it wouldn’t have taken much effort to beat the Thai gang but he wasn’t to know if they had a knife or a gun. Day one of holiday, assaulted and spent the night in hospital. Welcome to Pattaya, world class, family friendly resort.

  • oladunk

    Most of the Muscles man can fight,to slow and stiff

    • oladunk


    • Post that again when you sober up Ola!

  • TAT welcomes you to the land of Glasgow smiles 🙂

  • ken

    Instead of focusing on neon signs, beach chairs and FB posts,TAT and these bent cops should devote some time to deterring these frequent unprovoked five on one attacks on Foreigners by Thai men. These attacks are much more hurtful and harmful to Pattaya’s image than any other symbolic gesture these monkeys focus on.

  • Wobert Waymond Wichards

    I think it might have come as a bit of a surprise to ‘Anobolic Ali’ that the ‘juice’ doesn’t make you as hard as you think you are.

    • Now his known as Anti-Biotic Ali

    • well hung

      No and i bet he only has a tiny little worm in his shorts too

      • Wobert Waymond Wichards

        Lol,Unlike you even if you say so yourself.

  • Ken Anderson

    Yet again we have another brain dead teenage gang marauding around wasteland. Thai males yet again demonstrating how thick, ignorant and cowardly they really are.
    However in this instance I do not believe for one minute this happened for ”no reason what so ever”. Highly likely whilst Chemical Ali was ”admiring the views”, his admiration also extended to one of these scumbag Thai males, 6 year old sister, hence the reason for this attack happening.

    • weasel

      admiring the views of the ladyblokes more like.

  • Ok now

    this is one time I am glad we are getting photos in black and white 😉

    • I will send you the Hammer Horror version in full Gothic colour!

  • Homebrew

    Nothing good here happens after midnight. If you are not in bed by then, go to your room.

  • Looking at his body he could have beaten the crap out the little monkeys and that would have taught them a lesson, a few nights in Hospital with a busted nose sore ribs and a few teeth missing would have woken them up, but the cowardly chimps probably sneaked up on him from behind and bottled him multiple times, the shock and the blood would have disoriented him and the blood hindered his vision then the sneaky cowards would have homed in for the kill like a pack of cowardly Hyenas! this has to stop, or Pattaya will sink!

    • Lt.farlang

      yea,so in other words,nothing new under the wastelands sun


    He was looking for a plane to hijack and the rice farmers sons saved the world and the rice farmers daughter joined in the fun of beating Osama bin Laden’s body double

  • Kikare

    Think about it. Who really needs thaiboys in Pattaya, nobody.

    Deport them all as ladyboys.

    Ladies and falangs left. Nice life!