Death of housemaid in Thailand who died of gunshot wounds ruled a suicide

Death of housemaid in Thailand who died of gunshot wounds ruled a suicide

Thai authorities have ruled the death of a Myanmar housemaid in Thailand a suicide, to the anger and disappointment of both her family and migrant rights groups.

The 17-year-old victim was originally from the town of Palaw in the Tanintharyi Region. Prior to her death, she had been working at the same Thai household, located in Ratchaburi Province’s Ban Pong District, for three years for a monthly salary of THB9,000 (approximately USD270).

Ye Min, a member of the Myanmar migrant rights group Aid Alliance Committee for Myanmar Workers (AAC), told 7day that the victim and her older sister both used to work at the house. However, the sister eventually quit.

The victim was found dead in her employer’s bedroom on the evening of Aug. 6. She had two gunshot wounds, and her employer’s gun was found near the body.

Despite the nature of her death, police ruled the death a suicide. However, the victim’s family and the AAC are still petitioning both Thai and Myanmar authorities for a proper investigation into the case, which they believe was a homicide.

The victim was buried three days after her death, on Aug. 9. Family members say that they opted for a burial over a cremation in case an investigation does get launched, and the body needs to be exhumed and examined.

“The Thai employer told all her neighbors that the girl died because she shot herself,” Ye Min said to 7Day.

“We’re not satisfied. Two gunshot wounds can’t mean she committed suicide.”

On social media, Myanmar users have also commented that the police ruling was unjust, and alleged that this was a homicide case.

In Sept. 2014, a number of high-profile cases of Myanmar housemaids being abused abroad prompted the government to put a temporary ban on women going to other countries to find work as maids. Today, stories of Myanmar housemaids being mistreated by their employers are still abundant.

In July 2016, a mother-daughter duo in Singapore was found guilty of killing their Myanmar maid.

In June of this year, a Myanmar maid jumped to her death from the 18th floor of the Interlace Condo in Singapore. Although the case is still under investigation, her uncle said in an interview at the time that he had heard “rumors” that his niece’s employers had been abusing her.

  • Sly

    If I wasn’t dead against investing in business here I’d start manufacturing “CASE CLOSED-SUICIDE” stamps. I’d make a killing if I could live long enough not to be suicided.

  • taff

    Suicide by 2 gunshots very suspicious, this as all the hallmarks of a cover up and a pay off and the disregard for human life no matter what nationality they are.

  • Tony Akhurst

    Just another rich b/stad that has paid to cover up his sauded existence with the housemaid (lets hope she comes back to haunt him)

    • Ken Anderson

      Highly likely this housemaid was going to spill the beans to his wife, so she had to be dispensed with.
      I bet the Keystones made a tidy sum to cover this one up.

    • amazingthailand

      For sure. Of course the verdict by the local corrupt keystones will be suicide. Bet they even didnt check fingerprints. These racists treat their workers be it from cambodga laos myanmar simply as slaves. Same they treat farangs as atms. Be aware Respect is not a common expression in thai language

  • ken

    If she had two gunshot wounds to her back these monkeys would rule it a suicide but this is the manner in which things are done in this wasteland. Thais are experts at adding injury to insult!

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    Two gunshot wounds and its suicide ? what the first shot wasnt good enough so ill have another go yea right .

    • Brass eye

      English please!

  • Well it is possible that you could shoot yourself twice depending on where you shot yourself the first time! But it is quite obviously SUICIDE, the problem of 17 year old housemaids running around with Guns is rampant! O_o i blame it on the NRA