Brand New TV Game show coming to Hooters Pattaya


Brand New TV Game show coming to Hooters Pattaya


Do you have what it takes for the all new TV game show …. FACE THE CLOCK, coming very soon to Hooters Pattaya, Beach Road, South Pattaya.

Are you a certified brain-buster and a general knowledge aficionado? Do you own a business in Pattaya and think you have what it takes? FACE THE CLOCK is a brand-new quiz/gameshow that will be aired on Pattaya One TV for 4 weeks starting at the beginning of December. If you are a well of useless information and want to pick your wits against Pattaya’s brainiest, we are calling to all business owners to represent your business in this exciting new gameshow.

FACE THE CLOCK! will be hosted by local TV Presenters and will be the first ever gameshow in Pattaya. The show will have 3 new contestants every week and that will go head-to-head to answer the most general knowledge questions against the buzzer. The 3 contestants will be representatives or owners of businesses in Pattaya, which will be a great way to promote your business.

Each week, the winning contestant will go through to the Grand Final (the 4th episode) where the 3 winners will face each other for total supremacy and for prizes. There will be 4 episodes in English and 4 episodes in Thai, so it will reach out right across the spectrum.

If you are a business owner in Pattaya who fancies your chances general knowledge Grandmaster or you have a great sense of humor, please get in contact with Pattaya City Uncovered by calling 082 937 4928 to become a contestant. This is a great way to not only have some fun and test your knowledge, but also to promote your businesses to a wider audience through a very new and unique platform.

  • weasel

    Been in Hooters one time. Couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw a Russian bird working there. Never again!

    • Hello Welcome

      Not sure about Patts but you can’t barfine any of the Bangkok Hooters girls. It states this in their contracts. Pity really because some of them are stunning. Ruined the old Golden Bar that used to be in front of the Nana Hotel by turning it into Hooters.

  • Ken Anderson

    ”Pattaya’s brainiest”!!!
    Well that accolade will hardly be a claim to fame will it? Among the criminal Thai men, prostitutes and sex tourists.

    • Greyhound

      So Ken. Who are you? The criminal Thai man the prostitute or the sex tourist?

  • ken

    Promote your business so it can be robbed and broken into but this will be another opportunity for scam, fraud, dishonesty and criminal activity to rear their ugly head,

  • Glockandspiel

    There is no way Thais would be entered into this general knowledge quiz as their knowledge and education are limited to Thai soaps, K-pop, drink/drugs and fleecing customers.
    The infamous title of Pattaya’s brainiest will always go to a farang but even they have dumbed down after their brains have been frazzled from years of slurping Changs and deep conversations with rice farmer’s daughters.
    The only competition Hooters should be promoting is a rice farmer’s daughter wet T-shirt contest amongst their bar staff, which will be well received and well attended.

  • Great nightlife

    Face the cock is a great name for this show. Will be very interesting.

  • Robins

    Rather pathetic seeing this silly place in Thailand, Hooters in a chain of hands off, bad attitude arrogant manipulative stuck up farang bimbos in the USA peddling $15 drinks with fake smiles. Kind of like having McDonalds when you can have steak.

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  • Rob

    This reminds me Thursdays Quiz night at the Sportsman bar in Soi 13. You can hear the speaker from outside and the crowd in complete silence working out the answers, bent over the tables.
    Very sad, it must be a British thing…

  • soidog

    So if your business is publicly humiliated by an absolute idiot representative how does this positively impact enterprise? after all there will be more losers than winners.

  • Alex Bakewr

    I wonder how they can film this in a bar without showing(promoting) alcholic beverages and drinking, When in Rome, do as the romans do. Hopefullly it will make for good entertainment not just clever advertizing for those 9 qualified buisinesses.