Bar girl, 26, dead after falling naked from condo at 5am


Police were today investigating the death of a bar girl who fell naked from her fifth floor room after an argument with a foreign man.

Wannipa Janhuathon, 26, had been drinking with the man, who has not been named, earlier in the night at a bar on Pattaya’s Soi 6 before they went back to her room.

A security guard later heard her body crash to the ground and found her unconscious outside the Cosy Beach View condo block at 5am.

Officers searched Wannipa’a room where they found used condoms. They are now in pursuit for the foreign man Wannipa had been with earlier in the night.

Security guard Kriengsak Khamchachai, 23, who heard a loud bang and raised the alarm, said: ‘’I was sitting in front of the entrance gate. I heard the sound of a crash. I walked to check and saw a shadow on the ground which turned out to be the body of a woman without clothes.

‘’She was lying down and there was blood around her face. She was unconscious but still alive.”

A half empty packet of Kamagra oral jelly was found close to Wannipa’s naked body. She had suffered severe head injuries after landing on her face. Paramedics were unable to revive her.

They later released the name of Wannipa after informing her family.

Police contacted the bar on Soi 6 where Wannipa worked and they told of her drinking there earlier in the night with a foreign man.

Officers believe that he went back to the room of the woman, who they described as a ”beer bar girl”.

They said today there was ”evidence the foreigner had gone to sleep there” and that used condoms were inside the room.

Police were this afternoon still searching for the foreigner but were confident that the cause of death could be established quickly, though they were unsure if it was murder or suicide.

  • Charles Baht Esquire.

    I bet this foreign guy she was with turns out to be a Brit all the hallmarks are there , kamagra jels , alcohol , balcony, arguments

    • le chef

      Lets wait and see, and if you fancy eating your words they’re on my iPad. How do you like them apples ? 555

      • Victor

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        • A balanced view

          La Queer is indeed a self confessed r3tard and a porky poofter who likes sucking off lady boys. Your comment also sums him nicely.

      • Charles Baht Esquire.

        Seven days into the new year and you lawless fat slob Brits have already been in the news headlines for all the wrong reasons . Just can’t help yourself you rapist and pilfering and pedo Poms .

        • gary

          I can guess that you don’t live in Thailand, and have spent a week of two here, probably because you have no friends?. You seem like a ‘Billy No Mates’ and think your rantings on here make it seem like you are a scorned ‘expert’ on the seedy side of Thailand, looking for a crumb of comfort from a paid escort , which in your own Country ,you could never get, probably because you are weird, like a lot of the creepy guys on here that write their ‘disturbing’ views of the women who ‘work’ in Pattaya/ Bangkok. Most normal people would be glad of their charming company as they make you feel special? it is only an act, and if you are not mature enough to understand that, stay home with your non existent friends, but I guess guys like you have none?. Probably because you are twisted in your outlook about the women you so desperately crave. You are in Thailand because nobody wants you, get over it?

          • Charles Baht Esquire.

            i see you English are the local indecent assault to minors and now your latest attribute is murdering young innocent Thai girls .

          • gary

            Sorry to disappoint you, I am not English and make no apologies for their behavior in other Countries as I find a lot quite repulsive, but not all. I lived in Pattaya for a while and have friends from all over the world who live there. I understand how things ‘work there’ but there has never been a girl who I have met in Thailand, that has never been unkind or rude to me and yes I have friends who work in the bar, they see it as a job, and for me it is like talking to a friend that works in an office. I never enquire into their lives , and I am only happy to see they are well. But your generalisation of people is really quite peculiar?. Why do you go to a place where you hate the general atmosphere of the place and the people that go there?. Maybe you ought to take a very long look in the mirror and see yourself for what you are, you might find an answer why you are there, itt’s the last stop for the old, and a hiding place for the young inadequates?

    • foreskin

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    • Rob Smith

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      • Charles Baht Esquire.

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  • ken

    If the situation was reverse and the foreign man was killed, police would immediately rule it a suicide but they are reserving judgement for this RFDs as this is what they always do in these cases. These tarts are a toxic and unpredictable when sober, once they ingest mind-altering substance their miniature brain explode and will often lead to disaster as in this case.

    • foreskin

      You C nt.

  • le chef

    Soi 6 bar girl with an apartment in Cosy Beach, she’s done well for herself

    • Sly

      I’d bet her sponsor hasn’t done so well.

  • Tony Akhurst

    The case would be established quickly May be in 20 years.

  • Danny

    Too much to speculate on here. Should not be difficult to solve though, what really happened.
    An argument? Yes, always a telephone call from one off her “Sponsors” back in his own Country especially at that hour, who really owns the Condo. If she owned it there would be a crowd of BG living there. They do weird things like scaring falangs as a ‘TOOL’ to get what she wants. Jelly Kamara on her hands are slippery on a Balconey ….. Who knows Dr. Watson ……Should be solved by later morning, checking ownership etc.
    RIP girl …sad ….

  • Ken Anderson

    It would appear this tart may have got a taste of her own medicine.

    • JACK

      Makes a change from flying Farangs, she´s not the first Thai member of the Pattaya flying club though!

    • andrew hall

      Funny…. you have some evidence that this woman was involved with the death of a foreigner? Or are you just being a c**t as usual?

      • Ken Anderson

        Your rantings are becoming ever more delusional.
        Have you ever considered visiting a psychiatrist?

    • gary

      Did you learn that from Peter Sutcliffe?

  • le chef

    So if you take a girl to your hotel – ! ! ID
    but if you take a man – ! ! no ID

    • Charles Baht Esquire.

      Obviously your speaking from experience bringing back boys to your cheap Charlie hotel ya sick poor old pedo sh*t .

  • le chef

    Not sure what this says about the no prostitutes in Thailand case

  • amazingthailand

    Pay back time.

  • private pile

    Time to get those rubbers down the lab!!!

  • JACK

    If you find empty sachets of Kamagra you will always find a stiff!

    • Charles Baht Esquire.

      Just so you know ya meat head old town drunkard your not funny so leave the wise cracks and side gags to us

      • Deadhorse.

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      • Jonathan Quayle Higgins III

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  • Ken Anderson

    This tart has much to answer for. Her latest client could well find himself in the monkey house on some jumped up charge as a ruse to extortion. This condo will now be colonised by her extended hillbilly family who will soon turn it into a slum and blight the lives of all the neighbours with their antisocial scumbag ways. The sponsor who paid for the condo will certainly now end up with nothing from this whole sordid affair.
    Well at least now she will not be able to latch on to any further victims.

    • Steve

      all cos she worked in a bar doesnt make her a tart and wtf are you going on about

      • Kim Jong un

        She worked in soi6 you can’t be anymore of a tart

        • Steve

          all im saying is not all girls that work in bars sleep with people

          • Kim Jong un

            If your working as a bar girl in soi 6 then your sleeping with people

    • pompeypaul

      You are a very sick inadequate waste of fresh air Ken, why don’t you do the world a favour and throw your fat useless carcass off a balcony

      • Ken Anderson

        There is little chance of that happening as I do not have a rice farmers daughter in tow.

        • JACK

          Stick with the Wheat farmers daughters Ken, much safer!

      • JACK


    • Please. Shut. Up.

      do you ever shut up?

    • gary

      Is Levi Bellfield a friend of yours?

    • gary

      Early release from Rampton?

  • timpattayatim

    If it was a farang it would be a suicide.

    • Charles Baht Esquire.

      In most cases it is



    • JACK

      Easy, try it, it´s called gravity!

  • Lt.farlang

    keystones leading investigator game to this conclusion just now : suicide,case closed.

  • Alex Johansen

    Reece Blain Vella

    • andrew hall

      you called it.

      • Ken Anderson

        I am shocked!! You actually made a post that is not to or about me!!!
        Did you seek the counseling I suggested? I really wish you luck and do hope you can end completely your unhealthy obsession in the not too distant future, it looks like you have made a great start already.

    • patrick

      how did u know?

      • Alex Johansen

        A British friend of mine informed me.

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