Bangkok is officially world’s top city for weekend break


Bangkok is officially world’s top city for weekend break

PRIME MINISTER Prayut Chan-o-cha has congratulated Bangkok for becoming the top destination among the world’s cheapest long-haul cities.

“The prime minister is pleased to hear this news,” said Government Spokesman Lt-General Sansern Kaewkamnerd.

“It is government policy to encourage tourists to stay longer in Thailand and spend more here.”

He said measures had been taken to boost tourism in the capital, including exempting visa fees and extending the time visitors could stay.
British newspaper The Daily Mirror reported that Bangkok was the cheapest city in the Post Office Travel Money’s Long-Haul City Costs Barometer for 2017.

Researchers looked at the price of 11 travel essentials, including food and drink, sightseeing, airport transfers and three nights’ accommodation. They then combined all the costs to create a total “basket price”, in order to determine which long-haul city actually offered the best value for money.

Thailand’s capital topped the list as the best value long-haul city, with a total basket price of 316.93 pounds (Bt13,700) almost 100 pounds less than runner-up Tokyo.

“There’s plenty to see and do in this vibrant city but if you’re only stopping for a long weekend then make sure to check out the awe-inspiring Grand Palace, a complex of breathtaking temples,” the report said.

Here is the list:

1. Bangkok
2. Tokyo, Japan
3. Beijing, China
4. Dubai, UAE
5. Cape Town, South Africa
6. Singapore
7. Washington DC, USA
8. Toronto, Canada
9. New York, USA
10. Boston, USA

Source: Thai Visa

  • Charles Baht Esquire.

    The Philippines is a much better and cheaper option then any of those choices by far . today’s rate in The Philippines is 66.4271PHP ,316.93 pommy poofter pound comes to 21.052.74 poofter pound and i found the most important things were cheaper then Thailand such as Beer, food , Girls , long time , short time boom boom sessions , viagra , Kamagara jels , motels , bribes for the cops , cloths , airfares , taxis .

  • ken

    Leeds and Newcastle should be on that list along with Singapore which should replace this wasteland as the top destination.

    • Brits go home

      Who would want to visit those ratholes Leeds or Newcastle: sh/tty weather, crap food, ugly women, streets full of drunk white trash hooligans

  • Chris Snell

    when i landed in the philipines i thought i had taken the shuttle to mars if you think thailand is a wasteland you should see the phillipines stinky rats hole best part is san migel beer

    • Charles Baht Esquire.

      You are welcome to stay on mars and take the rest of you grubby old drunkard fat slob sex offender pommy buddies with you .

      • Chris Snell

        wrong country fool

        • Charles Baht Esquire.

          Youwould be in good company with your buddies the sewer rats Well fat slob pom ?

          • Chris Snell

            the only planet you would like anyone to visit is uranus as many of your friends have been there already and i say again wrong country you hillbilly fool

    • Try Boracay or Bohol next time

  • Heywood Jablowmie

    Encourage longer stay? No, Thailand does not…

  • It was a ” basket case ” who created that basket price

  • Fly to farang-Cokk for the weekend ;yeah, by the time you check into your hotel it will be time to checkout! O_o

  • paulk

    What a bunch of crap. Why does every city in the world pretend that these “awards” mean anything. Do you know that Seoul, Tokyo, Guanzhou and Singapore are all running the same story?

    Why? Because this is an award given by one meaningless newspaper in the UK.

    And there are 1000’s of newspapers in the world giving out similar “honors” to different cities.

    So this isn’t “officially” anything at all. It’s one newspaper’s article.

    And in return the entire government tourist apparatus of Thailand will publicize the link and send the Daily Mirror traffic.


  • Ken Anderson

    I would rather go to Glasgow for the weekend.

    • Lasse3

      You can find strip-tease bars there.

      • Ken Anderson

        Yes, and the people might not smile, but deep down are more friendly and welcoming than Thai’s.

        • Lasse3

          Welcoming Glasgow dungeon BDSM and swinger clubs for singles.

          • Ken Anderson

            And I bet they are not full of scams like everything in Bangkok

          • Lasse3

            I have never heard of rip off at such places. They are supposed to be non commercialized.

    • Charles Baht Esquire.

      The land of tartan skirt wearing fat red hair ladyboy men and fat asz fat slob deep fried mars bar eating women I’m sure you’ll fit in there with all the drunkards and football hooligans .

  • soidog

    Total basket…excluding travel back and forth to my home airport plus airfare…plus 40hrs travel time,quite a short expensive weekend.

  • Lasse3

    Why do people think people are nicer in some cities than other cities ? If you find love in a city that city will probably all of a sudden be a very nice city.

  • amazingthailand

    Again wrong title not worlds top city. Should have be cheapest city. But i would rather say congested or corrupted or fake or stinking or swampy or top in bad driving or scams

  • Ok now

    “One night in Bangkok”……………. ??