Thai’s support foreigner illegally selling pics of himself to fund ticket home


Thai’s support foreigner illegally selling pics of himself to fund ticket home

A blond begpacker selling his travel photos for a flight home attracted a small crowd at Hat Yai’s Greenway Market last night, and unlike popular opinions from the international community, many Thais spoke in support of the shameful, illegal action — even describing the disheveled young man in orange shants as “cute.”

Facebook user Taiiwan Yanawimuti made a video about the begpacker — who’s reportedly from the Ukraine — and asked people to share her post and help fund the young man’s travel.

“He’s traveling the world and looking for money to go back to Ukraine. He’s selling the photos he took himself. We can pay how much we want. He also tells a story with every photo. Let’s help him. #PleaseShare,” the woman wrote.

The video shows a small crowd, mostly young Thai women, checking out him and his pictures. The video has received over a thousand likes since last night, with many people even giving it a “love” reaction.

The user also wrote that she paid THB100 (US$3) for a photo with the begpacker in it.

“Isn’t he cute?” she wrote.

Another woman commented, “I just went to him today. I just told him he was cute.”

A third lady tagged her female friend and left the questionable comment, “Are you interested? He’s white! You can get a picture and talk to him. So worth it.”

Many comments, both from men and women, admired him for being clever and pointed out that he’s not harming anyone or “begging.”

“He’s not begging. He sells stuff. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it and shut up,” said a popular comment.

Others wonder how long he’d been selling his photos, since he’s been in Thailand for months. The photos show him at locations around the country. Many commented that they had seen him selling in Bangkok, specially in the Silom, Siam Square and Victory Monument areas.

The minority disagreed, “I waste my time getting a travel visa. I submit my hotel confirmation. But foreigners can just chill, and when they run out of money they can do this. If we do the same while traveling, will we be arrested?”

“These people are beggars. Plain and simple.”

This young man is probably one of the better-received begpackers that social media in Thailand has seen. The government made an attempt to keep begpackers from entering the country by randomly selecting foreigners to show that they had THB20,000 in cash to fund their travels at immigration.

In the past year, Thailand has seen a family of begpackers, dubbed the”begpacker brood,” a begpacker that started a GoFundMe because he was too lazy to hit the streets; and, of course, the notorious big-legged beggar Benjamin Holst, aka the most hated German in Thailand, who has been banned from the country.

Thankfully, that famous beggar found a lovely wife in the African nation of Gambia and has vowed to never return to Asia.

Source: Coconuts

  • Charles Baht Esquire

    What it is with these Farangs that come to Thailand to beg ,borrow and steal .
    The Thai authorities should make these feral looking deadbeats pay a deposit before entering Thailand for when they run out of money that includes all busted asz moron drunkard Brits too. Who in the hell would want to buy someones busted asz cheap charlie holiday photo snaps anyhow ? surly like that broke old Brit a few days back overstaying his visa and some trumped up story how someone stole my credit cards and passport and busted working for 50 baht a day this beggar could do the same .

    • Charles Baht Trump

      Time to send this ukrainian wannabe cheap charlie 27 baht swirling and swilling pedo pom back to the Ukraine!

  • ken

    If Africa is the top destination for Ukraine beggars I will gladly contribute to see this t0sser removed from this wasteland. There is nothing cute about this beggar but leave it to a That tart to see cuteness in this scum.

  • Sly

    Useless youth of today. At his age me and my mates spent years in SE Asia and never once begged for money. Mind you we did bomb the f&ck out of the place;)

    • weasel

      I saw a couple of pratpackers the other day, heading for the so called beach.the idiot had his farang bird with him.they both looked lost and in need of a good shower.pattaya attracts the strangest of people.

      • Deadhorse.

        I’m only there for two weeks in July thank you.

  • Ken Anderson

    I do wonder why the local bar tarts / rice farmers daughters have not latched on to this particular waste of space?
    Despite his youth and virility none of these tarts will come near him, he will already have been cleaned out and will need to sell a multitude of these pictures to raise enough for even a short time liaison.

  • Guest

    I like his style