American tourist electrocuted on Bali Hai Pier in Pattaya


An American tourist was electrocuted and died in a freak accident after leaning against a metal marquee pole.

Andrey Bessonov, 47, had been on holiday in Pattaya when he took a boat trip to neighbouring island Koh Larn on January 12.

The group returned to a pier and Andrey sheltered under a marquee tent on the resort’s Bali Hai Pier before leaning against a metal pole at around 7.30pm.

But Andrey was suddenly electrocuted when he touched the metal which is believed to have been exposed to loose wiring.

Paramedics arrived and performed CPR in front of dozens of stunned tourists but Andrey, who is originally from Ukraine, was later pronounced dead in hospital.

Witness Tanawat Khenkoon said: ‘’The man had been on a boat and was just standing against a pole when he dropped to the floor and his body was floppy.

‘’Nobody knew what had happened or what to do. The ambulance men said the. electricity leaked and touched the pole.

”It’s sad. He was alive one minute having a holiday and now he is gone. It could have been anybody that touched the pole.”

Paramedics closed off the section of the pier and cut the electricity supply to protect tourists while they investigated what caused the accident.

The Sawang Boriboon rescue group said they were checking the area to make sure it was safe before re-opening it to members of the public.

Pattaya Police said today they were aware of the aware of the death and were still processing the investigation.

  • ken

    This is a shock to no one but this yank. There are many more of these exposed and unexposed wires all over this wasteland it will surprise no one when this occurs again.

    • Thaiman

      you again whining!! Why don’t you just go back to your country and leave the wasteland that you hate yet does not have a heart to leave because… won’t find a more beautiful ladyboy anywhere else

  • gwats1957

    You really need to be aware of your surroundings in Pattaya…..

  • USPatriot

    Sorry but yhe medic doing cpr doesnt have a clue on how to do cpr.

    I have yet to see a defibrillator used at any accident. Maybe they should have grabbed the wires to use as a defibrillator

    • amazingthailand

      I suppose their medical degree was easy to get as a driving licence so no surprise the poor guy didnt make it

  • Charles Baht Esquire

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    • Scumkiller

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      • Charles Baht Esquire

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  • Ken Anderson

    Yet another prime example of wasteland’s world class infrastructure at it’s very best.
    The police are ”still processing the investigation”. Well we are all fully aware of exactly what that means. No money in this one for the keystones so it will be ruled as suicide!!
    Well what other verdict could be possible? He lent against that pole of his own free will.

  • amazingthailand

    Andrey Bessonov was ukrainian from origin. i’m really surprised there are so few accidents in this infrastructureless hellhole. Of course number one cause of accidents are the various poisonous animals populating this jungle such as lbs rfds not forgetting the darkbrown baboons.

    • David Jones

      Or the white ..keyboard warrior piss head baboons..

  • Glockandspiel

    This is why the government want to try and sell travel insurance on arrival at the airport for those who don’t have it so that they can cover their ass and go after insurance companies for their negligence.
    Falling concrete, loose electrical wiring, ladyboys losing face, jealous RFDs, balcony swan diving tourists and beer bar swirling cheap Charlies are examples that anything you encounter in Thailand is potentially hazardous or life threatening but the thrill of living on the edge is what brings people back for more.
    God rest his soul.

  • The big 5

    I dont understand how this dose not happen more often

    • popeye the sailorman

      me too …..with all the lose wires hanging around

  • popeye the sailorman

    why take nearly a month to report??
    Obvious suicide will be the decision !!

    • Charles Baht Esquire

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  • Bahtbus

    Pattaya is “electrifrying!”

    • Charles Baht Esquire

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  • Victor Smith

    Everytime you hit the switch on the water heater in the shower, it could be your last in this wasteland.

    • Rob

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      • Ricksanchez

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        • Thaiman

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          • Charles Baht Esquire

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    • popeye the sailorman

      yes a friend of mine arrived my condo block last Thurs……went for a shower to freshen up……got a shock when put shower on !!

  • As I said already

    It is the second American tourist within a month at the same location. Very strange…this Pattaya One.

  • Lt.farlang

    I know exactly what happened.He took a vacation in wasteland.bad mistake.wanna stay alive ? then stay out of the wasteland

  • jack

    Electrician must have been color blind and didn’t notice the green wire.


    This is going happen more and more when they started putting the electric cables underground, soon you will take your life in your hands every time you go out when it rains

    • jack

      Agreed. Pattaya is becoming a dangerous place. Soon you will have to look up for the loose spaghetti wires, down for the underground wires and ahead for the ladyboys.

  • BuddyEdgewood

    No doubt this death will be ruled as a suicide.

  • Suzy Wong

    Electric safety is somethings desperately needs to be improved in Thailand.

    It is ridiculous how electric wiring looks in the streets of Pattaya, it is in total chaos.

    The other main issue is getting rid of the rats in Beach Road.