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Elle McPherson displays her age-defying body in Thailand

Elle McPherson displays her age-defying body in Thailand

Elle Macpherson has been away at a Thai wellness retreat in Thailand and the 55-year-old took to Instagram to discuss the benefits of her time away.

The age-defying model shared a snap in which she’s reclining on a bed in a skimpy olive green bikini.

She captioned that photo: ‘Sometimes being well means well being and simply being. I’ve found that taking down time is important for well being.’

The supermodel added: ‘Rest, breath, sun, yoga, hydration and carefully curated nutrients.’ In the accompanying photo, Elle lay on a bed, a large straw hat covering her famous face.

Showing off her taut, tanned frame, the beauty wore a green bikini that highlighted her famous figure.

Her slim legs stretched out for miles in front of her, a pair of embellished sandals on her feet.

The mother-of-two has been enjoying some rest and relaxation in Thailand, where she is a guest at the Kamalaya Koh Samui wellness retreat.

Last week, she shared several holiday snaps, in which the WelleCo founder displayed her athletic frame in a tiny blue bikini as she strolls down a rocky staircase.

‘Nothing beats time with nature,’ she wrote in the caption.

Elle is known for her age-defying physique, which she credits to ‘good nutrition’ and ‘living alkaline’.


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