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Elephant trashes wedding and flips six cars video

Agitated over the noise of firecrackers and other loud sounds during a wedding, an angry elephant, who was hired for the ceremony, went on a rampage, damaging vehicles and uprooting pandals at the venue in Almapur village under Sarai Inayat police station of Prayagraj late on Friday night.

Although no one was injured in the incident that took place during the ‘dwarchaar’ ceremony, the elephant caused substantial damage to the property, said police.

SHO of Sarai Inayat police station, Rakesh Chaurasia, informed that the incident took place during a wedding in Almapur village.

When the groom and his guests were being welcomed and firecrackers were burst, the elephant who was hired as part of the celebration got agitated and went on a rampage all of a sudden.

The elephant damaged a number of vehicles, including two cars and a few bikes, and the pandal set up for the function.

The incident created panic, and many people, including the groom, ran to save their lives.

After much effort, the mahout managed to calm the elephant down and brought the situation under control, informed Chaurasia.

The SHO said that the forest ranger concerned, Ashok Kumar, had been intimated about the incident and requested to take appropriate action in this regard.

Chaurasia further said that following rumours doing the rounds on social media that the mahout was killed by the rampaging elephant, talks were held with the forest ranger who confirmed that the mahout was unhurt, and the reports on social media were completely false and misleading.

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