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E-cigs are still against the law in Thailand

E-cigs are still against the law in Thailand

A recent poll by the Research Centre for Social and Business Development (SAB) showed that the ban on bringing e-cigarettes into Thailand and selling them there got a lot of support, mostly from the parents of students. Most of the people who answered were worried about possible health risks and asked the government to keep the ban in place.

The SAB announced these results at a seminar for teachers and parents on Wednesday, where they talked about the results of a long poll. Suriyan Boontae, the Deputy Director of SAB, pointed out that out of 5,582 responses from all over the country, a huge 91% supported keeping the ban on e-cigarettes because they thought it would make young people less likely to start smoking.

Most of the people in the study were the 4,087 parents of middle school and high school kids. The rest of the attendees were teachers and school leaders. Eighty percent of those who were asked knew that smoking e-cigarettes is bad for your health. A similar number thought that using e-cigarettes could lead to using illegal drugs.
Assist. Prof. Dr. Vijj Kasemsap, who is in charge of the Tobacco Control Research and Knowledge Management Centre (TRC), took this chance to talk to the new government. He said that it was important for the ministries of public health, trade, and finance, as well as their heads, and the Consumer Protection Commission to work together to keep the ban on importing and selling e-cigarettes in place.
Also, he stressed the importance of the Royal Thai Police and local government agencies in enforcing the ban, since e-cigarettes are widely available in stores, tourist places, and online. He suggested that the government run programs to teach parents, schools, and the media about how harmful e-cigarettes are and how the companies that make them use deceptive marketing to get young people to buy them.

Dr. Vijj said that the Education Ministry and other state agencies should include in their lessons how smoking e-cigarettes could hurt you and how companies sell their products to get young people to buy them. He also pushed for teaching young people a social value that would make them not want to use e-cigarettes.

President of the Congress of Parents and Teachers in Thailand (CPTT), Niwat Nakawet, agreed with Dr. Vijj and said that getting families to reject e-cigarettes would help children’s mental health.
Bangkok Post said that Chana Summat, the Director of the Ministry of Education’s Safety Centre, and Somsak Lolekha, the President of The Royal College of Paediatricians of Thailand, both agreed that e-cigarettes should be banned in schools.

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