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Dying fashion model begs potential saviour for stem cell donation

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The family of a fashion model, who is dying of leukemia, made a Facebook post on Saturday begging a possible donor match to change his mind and donate his stem cells to save the model’s life.

Fashion model

The family made the plea on the Facebook wall of the model, Pramthat “Pram” Sinkang.

The post said doctors have told the model that he could live no longer than six months if no stem-cell donor match was found.

The post said Pramthat had earlier received chemotherapy and after becoming stronger thought his leukemia had been beaten. But his doctor on July 23 told Pramthat that his cancer had worsened and chemotherapy was no longer an option.

The family said the model could not find a new donor match after doctors first identified one in February, but that prospective donor had later changed his mind.

“He changed his mind because his family did not allow it,” Pram’s family explained in the post.

“I don’t know who you are but if you see this message, our family would like to beg you to change your mind and donate the stem cells to Pram. It’s hard to find someone to save Pram right now,” they said to the potential donor.

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