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Dutchman suspected of murdering ex-girlfriend’s mother and brother

Dutchman suspected of murdering ex-girlfriend’s mother and brother

“Rene” as he is known, had previously been seen by eye witnesses looking for his ex-girlfriend after what was described as a heated break-up.

It is believed the man would not accept that his girlfriend didn’t want to be with him anymore and also, wanted a gold necklace back which he had supposedly bought her,

Police have been informed that Rene turned up at his ex’s house on Monday evening, but unfortunately for him, she was not home.

However, a relative who visited the same property on Tuesday morning was unfortunately the one to discover a horrific murder scene.

The mother of the ex-girlfirned, Noi Sadomsuk, 53, was found dead in a pool of blood outside the house, with multiple stab wounds.

The dead body of Noi’s son Patcharin Sadomsuk, 30, was found inside the property, again, with multiple stab wounds to the upper body.

To make matters worse, the young Thai man would have been unable to defend himself or his mother after being left unable to walk due to a previous accident.

Initial reports suggest that the blood strained murder weapon, a knife, was found thrown into a field behind the house.


Rene had been staying at the local temple recently as he had been left struggling, with no money left.

Another witness Pichaiphat Yimpenyuang, 44, who works as a volunteer medic, told police that he had seen the suspect on Monday evening. Rene had claimed he had been involved in a motorbike accident, which would explain all the blood on his body.

Police were called immediately on Tuesday morning and it only took a short time for police to track Rene down and bring him into custody.

The burning question is why no-one was able to hear anything at the time, but with the house being a good 200m away from the rest of the village, the calls for help were obviously unheard.

Another daughter of the deceased, an elder sister of the suspect’s ex-girlfriend, told police that her mother had been warned that Rene was out on the loose and may be looking for her.

After brief questioning down at the local police station, it quickly became apparent that the suspect was on the bones of his backside, with no money, no visa, and no passport.

No official charges have been made as of yet, whilst the suspect is still in custody.

Source: Daily News

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