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Durian Whisky Exists

Durian Whisky Exists

Durian Whisky Exists Now and Reportedly Tastes Like an ‘Alcoholic Milkshake’

You can now get drunk on durian. Literally.

As it turns out, Durian Whisky is now a thing in Singapore, and it’s all the rage among those both drawn to the “King of Fruits” and good old alcohol.

The new product, which actually comes from Malaysian company Tropical Wine Sdn Bhd, launched at the Yummy Food Expo in Singapore on June 27.

It is said to be “brewed from 100% pure, delicious flesh of the Musang King durian,” which happens to be one of the most expensive varieties of the fruit.

The Durian Whisky, an apt name for the company selling the product, claims that a “patented fermentation technology” is used to bring durian and alcohol together, apparently resulting in a concoction no one has ever seen before.

Interestingly, some have argued that the product is not whisky at all, considering its composition and preparation.

Aside from 100% durian flesh, Durian Whisky contains ethanol and sugar for an alcohol base volume (ABV) level of 18%.

The thing is, under Singapore law, a whisky product should contain an ABV level of no less than 37% at 20 degrees Celsius.

There’s also the conventional definition of whisky, which states that it has to be distilled from grain products, including barley, corn, grain, rye or wheat, and aged in oak barrels for some time.

Another concern is the addition of sugar, which makes the drink “liqueur” instead of whisky; spirits — with either brandy, rum or whisky for a base — become liqueurs adding sugar.

Finally, the process of making whisky does not involve pressing, which happens to be the third step in the product’s creation.

According to Wine Skills, a training program supporting wine production in the UK, “pressing” is the process of extracting juice from grapes after they are crushed.

While some are bent on proving that Durian Whisky is not whisky, others are simply enjoying it, with its largest bottle (750 ml) now out of stock.

As for its taste, a representative from Rice Media wrote, “It is thick, creamy and incurably sweet, like an alcoholic milkshake.”

Durian Whisky is priced at 98 Singaporean dollars ($72.22) for 260 ml, 198 Singaporean dollars ($145.91) for 700 ml and 200 Singaporean dollars ($147.38) for 750 ml.


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