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Dual Pricing In Thailand

It’s a topic that keeps popping up, and I get daily emails regarding the different venues that offer 2 different prices; a price for Thai’s, and a price for foreigners, with the price for foreigners being more expensive, obviously.

I’m pretty sure all of you have come across this at some stage, but what do we all make of it?

I visited one of Pattaya’s newest tourist attractions, Frost, over the weekend, and yes, you guessed it, dual pricing. In short, it was 600 Baht for non-Thai’s, and 350 Baht for Thai’s.

The place itself is pretty impressive; set over 30,000 Sq. meters, it is home to many hand carved sand and ice sculptures, and inside, temperatures get down to 10 degrees Celsius. Everything is made of ice, from the furniture, to the glasses holding your drink. If, like me, you’re not a fan of the cold, don’t worry, suitable clothing is provided.

Anyway, a middle aged foreigner, mid-thirties if I had to guess, and his Thai girlfriend were just in front of us in the queue. When confronted with the dual pricing, a bit of an argument broke out. It was pretty embarrassing to be honest, and ended with the couple walking away, with the guy refusing to pay.

I will admit, when I first came to Thailand, I didn’t agree, or understand the whole concept of the dual pricing. I hadn’t seen or heard of it before, and was totally new to me. However, I quickly changed my opinion and here’s just one of my reasons why.

We, as foreigners working in Thailand earn a much higher salary than the majority of Thai’s do. I have friends working in management positions here, for example. They have Thai managers working alongside them too, who have the same level education, doing exactly the same job, exactly the same hours of work, but for half as much salary. The reason, I’m still looking for it.

I know that many of you have different opinions on the matter, so let’s hear what you have to say.


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