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DTAC Customers receive phone bill of 461 million baht

DTAC Customers receive phone bill of 461 million baht

Several users of DTAC, the giant Thai mobile service provider, had their phone numbers suspended yesterday because, apparently, they hadn’t paid their THB461 trillion phone bills. For those doing math at home, that works out to about US$14.1 trillion.

 After the major system malfunction, several netizens took to DTAC’s Facebook page to leave sarcastic, ruthless messages to the phone network. Several also shared screenshots of their online phone accounts showing that they were indeed billed THB461 trillion.

“I can’t make calls. My number is suspended because my phone bill is this much. How many land plots and stocks do I have to sell to pay this off? Does this amount include the calls I made in the previous life?” one Facebook user wrote.

Another affected customer also hilariously started a thread on forum Pantip (which is like Reddit for Thais), asking if someone could lend her THB461 trillion to pay off the phone bill. Finally, DTAC offered up a public apology.

“DTAC apologizes for inconvenience after the system that displays the phone balance malfunctioned. This does not affect the billing whatsoever. Customers can make outgoing calls as per usual,” the statement reads.  Source: Coconuts Bangkok


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