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Driver Loses Control of Car, Almost Plummets to Beach

On September 30 Na Jomtien police station was informed of an accident on Beach Road, in front of the Lung Sawai Restaurant.

Sawang Boriboon medics were also called to the scene after sixty-year-old condo worker, Mr Bancha Pinkaew, had been pulled from his car after it plunged across the pavement and head-first down onto the beach.

Restaurant workers rushed across the road after witnessing the shocking accident.

Mr Pinkaew was treated for chest injuries and some minor cuts and bruises before being taken to Bangkok-Pattaya Hospital.

One of the witnesses, forty-year-old Ms Saranya Pongniyakul, said that the victim was driving slowly out of Soi Elephant Camp and towards the restaurant when it ‘just seemed to go out of control.’ ‘He went straight on, over the wall and down onto the beach.’

The wheels were spinning quickly and, with other staff, the managed to turn off the engine and pull Mr Pinkaew to safety.

Report shared by BangkokJack News Team

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