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Driver and passenger rescued from car that crashed into River Kwai

This is the heroic moment a driver and passenger trapped inside a sinking car are rescued by two men with moments to spare.

The vehicle collided with a pick-up truck and plunged into the River Kwai in Kanchanaburi, last month.

The two men from the truck then leapt into the deadly river – using a rubber ring to paddle over to the sinking car.

Water pressure was preventing the door from being opened but the good samaritans used a hammer to smash open the window.

As the car was quickly swept some 50 metres downstream, the men frantically pulled the male driver and the passenger out and dragged them onto the river bank.

Onlooker Ratchanon Mew, 21, said: ‘’The car hit a pickup truck and skidded off the road, down the bank into the river.

‘’It was floating but the people could not get out, they were banging on the window.

‘’I stoped on the bridge and the car was already in the water, and the men had swam to it. They were using a hammer to break the window.’’

Ratchanon said the two people were pulled onto the shore and later taken to hospital, while the car sank after the accident in the Tha Maka district of the province.

He added: ‘’The people inside were two men. They were lucky to get out alive, very lucky. It was brave of the other two men to jump into the river to save them.’’

Tha Maka police said that they had received a report of the crash and were investigating what caused it.

A spokesman said: ‘’There was an accident on the regional road so we will get all the details of what happened from the people involved.”

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