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Drama at Central Festival as Frenchman jumps to his death

At 11.30pm, on the evening of December 1, Pattaya police and medics were called to Central Festival, Pattaya, after a man had been seen jumping from the 6th floor landing.

The victim, seventy-one-year old French national Mr Claude Andre Antoine Tohrer, was found laying face down at the top of the escalator on the third floor.

He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Witnesses said that Mr Tohrer had been standing on the sixth-floor landing looking down at the mall when, without warning, he began to climb over the rail.

Passers-by tried to stop him and many were screaming at him to climb down but he immediately jumped to his death.

Investigating officers will study CCTV images in an attempt to understand events leading up to the suicide and try to establish a reason.

His body has been taken to the police morgue.

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