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Doting grandfather’s double life as a gun runner

Doting grandfather’s double life as a gun runner

Doting grandfather leads a double life as a gun runner – importing $1million worth of ammunition into Australia after losing big in a Ponzi scheme.

A grandfather has spent his first night behind bars after leading a double life as an interstate gun runner who imported dozens of powerful firearms to sell to alleged criminals.

Trevor Manuel, 61, became the first person in Western Australia to be prosecuted with cross border firearms trafficking after he pleaded guilty to three counts in Perth‘s District Court on Tuesday.

The court heard Manuel and his associates bought 87 guns on the black market valued at almost $1 million after he lost the fortunes of investors in a failed Ponzi investment scheme, The West Australian reported.

Among the investors who lost millions were members of a bikie gang, who hounded the married father-of-four for years.

‘The harassment has been relentless … messages, phone calls, intimidation. He sold a house to pay these people,’ defence lawyer Stephen Butcher told the court.

‘Basically, his life was totally focused on keeping them at bay.’


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