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Diet Soda can makes your body crave more food and sugar

Diet Soda can makes your body crave more food and sugar

We are now approaching summer in Thailand where the sun makes you extremely hot and thirsty.

Many crave ice cold soda or sweet drinks to help cool your body down and to give a refreshing taste, some choose the alternative diet soda with hopes to cut down on the sugar.

Little do we know, diet soda can make us want more sugar every day. In the long term, giving us a higher chance of gaining weight and the risk of diabetes

Pornpimol Wipulakorn, MD, from the Department of Health has come out and stated that many citizens choose to consume soda or sweet drinks in such hot weather. Inside soda’s, there are many harmful ingredients including sugar, colorants, artificial flavors, Phosphoric acid, and Carbon dioxide gas.


Soda drinks are refreshing because they give a buzz, is sweet, and contain caffeine that gives the body a refreshing boost. Both sugar and caffeine can become addicting after continuous consumption over time. Soda drinks contain so much sugar that the body cannot possibly use all of it. Sweet drinks cause the body to produce more insulin than needed, in the long term, this will result in the body producing less insulin or insulin that is not efficient, giving birth to diabetes or other dangerous illnesses.


Doctor Pornpimol further explains; for those who think that Diet Soda is a good alternative for your health, think again. The ingredients used in diet soda is the same as normal soda, the only difference is the sugar substitute added. These chemicals or extracts gives the soda its sweetness but comes with no calories like sugar. The sweetness triggers the system in our body just like sugar, the body then craves more sugar. There is a 30% increase in hunger for both food and sugar.



Many don’t realize that they’ve been eating more than usual until it’s too late and you’ve gained a little weight. A good trick is to replace soda with natural drinks such as fruit juice and to order food with a little less sugar, it won’t be easy at first but after a while, you’ll start to enjoy the real taste in food.


The sugar substitute gives your tongue the taste of sweetness, but your brain believes that it is consuming sugar. This affects the insulin levels in the body, making you crave more sugar afterward.

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