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Delivery girl injured after manhole cover explodes

Delivery girl injured

The local rescue team in Lampang Province was notified of a road accident on 26 December 2019 at 13.30 after a girl was injured by a manhole cover than exploded out from the road. The team went to inspect the accident in front of Asawin fresh market in the main city of Lampang. The girl was found unconscious on the road after the manhole cover hit her while she was on her way to pick up a customer’s order.

A crowd of locals was surrounding the injured girl. The rescue team cornered the locals away from the girl for safety along with making sure that she is alive and safe. Harnsuk Siriwongtrakul an official from the Lampang City Municipality was near the area at the time of the incident when he heard a loud explosion. He turned towards the sound which was towards where the fresh market is at and saw that someone was injured. She was lying on the ground with an open wound on her chin about 5 centimeters long.

The manhole cover that weighs at least 100 kilograms was right beside her. It is estimated that built-up pressure from underneath caused the manhole cover to explode and flew into the delivery woman who happened to drive on top of the manhole cover at the time. Nun 22 years old a native from Lampang was on her way to pick up an order from a customer when she got injured.


Noppawan Tanasuwat the Lampang Deputy Mayor stated that he went to inspect the manhole cover and discovered that it belongs to a private company. Underneath was telephone and internet cables inside pipes buried underground. Police Major General Anucha Uamcharoen from the Lampang Police Station also went to inspect the incident stated that he has gathered all the statements from witnesses present at the accident. Officials will be investigating to find the true cause of the explosion.

Security camera footage revealed that the explosion was at 13.22. The delivery girl is seen driving on her motorbike when the manhole cover exploded. Her motorbike flew into the sky, her body fell onto the road and was hit again by another motorbike that was driving behind her.



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