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Dear Editor this is my view on the problem

Dear Pattaya One,

I’m a Belgium (European) citizen together with a Thai citizen with also Belgium nationality, Both fully vaccinated.

We have a house in Bang Sare and hopefully we can go in November (yes this year :-), not only for our house, but to visit family after 2 years.

Currently the government is putting measures in place that makes it not so pleasant and with an extreem price tag to go to Thailand.

No difference made between vaccinated or not, 2 weeks at state quarantine, sealed routes etc, several PCR tests (with that I’m ok), tracking app (OK for me also)

In Europe we can travel (nearly) free when we are vaccinated, of course we must comply with a few rules depending on the countries, but Quarantine (2 weeks!!) no where

I agree that even for fully vaccinated tourists a testing procedure (departing or arriving, even with one day ASQ while waiting on results) are ok, but 2 weeks (or even the 7+7 days ASQ) is a bit overkill.

Also in Belgium I will wear mask while shopping, outdoors when there are is a lot of people together (although with our high vaccination percentage, I live in Flanders, this latter is not obligated any more)

The tourism industry in Thailand is currently nearly 0, a lot of people without work (income), a lot of local businesses will disappear or take over by foreigners.

Why does the Thai government (and the TAT) does not see that the current measures are way to strict and also not correct to vaccinated tourists?

I know that we must protect the health system of the country, protect the people, but it seems to me that the so called sand box schemes are in place to let the few stupid tourists with ties to Thailand pay the price, coz they need to come either for family or property.

Best regards,

Peter & Prapas

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