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David Beckham – ‘Look At My Ass.’ Corben Stitches Beckham Up Like A Kipper At LA Galaxy Statue Pre-Unveiling!

Angry Becks Shuts Down LA Galaxy Cameras At The Pre-Unveiling Of His Stadium Statue!

By: Marc Gingell

14th March 2019

James Corden Stitches Beckham Up Like A Kipper

At the recent pre-unveiling of David Beckham’s LA Galaxy statue, Beckham mentioned how much this moment meant.

Beckham’s Comments

”This means so much to my family.’

‘Manchester United – Not Manchester City.’

‘Don’t call me Dave! Only my mum can call me Dave’

Seeing His Statue

DB – ‘It looks slightly different than it did in Chicago though.’

Sculpturer – ‘I’ve tried to capture you in motion.’

DB – ‘When we spoke in Chicago there was capture me in motion making me…. I mean. Look at my chin?’

DB – ‘It doesn’t really look nothing like me though. Look at my eyes?’ 

DB – ‘The only thing that’s good is the hair and that’s it.’

DB – ‘Look t my bum – Look at my ass.’

Sculpturer – ‘That’s in motion. That’s how it looks.’

Pattaya One. Becks looking stunned.

DB – ‘It definitely doesn’t look like that.’

Beckham Asks For Opinion of Chris Klein – LA Galaxy President

CK – ‘I think it looks amazing.’

DB – ‘I really don’t see how this can go out.’

Sculpturer – ‘What do you like about it?’ What are the good things that you like?’

Pattaya One. Look at that chin.

DB – ‘How can you change it in this short amount of time?’

DB – ‘There is no way that can go at the front of the stadium.’

DB – ‘My parents are coming over from London.’

DB – ‘My wife is coming.’

DB – ‘Look how long my arms are?’

DB – ‘I honestly look like Stretch Armstrong.’

DB – ‘My wife’s coming over. It’s lucky my kids are not coming over.’

DB – ‘Because if my kids were to see this they would just cry.”

Etc. Etc.

Beckham kept his cool very well…


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