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Daring Aussie Stunt Man Celebrates One Year At View Dee By Bringing The Roof Down!

Out To Impress Dominic Simpson Falls Flat On His Back 

Dominic Simpson – One Of Those Guys!

Forty-seven year old Dominic Simpson, from Sydney Australia, has just celebrated one year of living at View Dee located on the ‘Dark Side’ of Pattaya. He’s known to the locals as a kind of ‘Super Marvel’ like character always up for a challenge. A typical stuntman.

He starts his day with two hours of yoga, an hour in the pool, a jog around Mabpachan Lake, and a 20K ride on his bicycle. When he’s done with all that Simpson, who stunt doubled for Mel Gibson in ‘Cat On A Hot Tin Roof,’ can be found engaged in his other passion. Trying to impress ladies form Buriram!

Pattaya One. Gaping hole in the car park roof at View Dee.

Simpson Takes A Buriram Challenge! 

Despite shouts from  the View Dee swimming pool of:

“Don’t do it Dominic.”

Simpson went for it.


Pattaya One: Dominic Simpson. Ready for hospital.

He Tells The Story

“I’d just completed another exhausting triathlon type day when I noticed the two girls playing badminton in the car park. I could see they had some racket skills but I felt the urge to impress them with some of my own. Plus I knew I could teach them a trick or two.

Unfortunately, Tuk-Da didn’t quite get her wrist action right and the shuttlecock ended up on the car park roof. Now, with only one shuttlecock, that put the kybosh on my efforts to impress them. Unless I went up there and got it.”

Pattaya One: Dominic Simpson at Banglamung Hospital.

Panic Stations At View Dee

A few seconds later panic stations set in at View Dee as Simpson crashed through the roof. He landed on concrete but could have ended up on Oxford Dave’s Honda Yaris. Security guard Tin-Tin raced to the front of the building to pass the news to Oxford Dave. Oxford Dave, with a bottle of Leo poised between his, did something never seen before.

He put his bottle down and rushed to the scene where he was relieved to find that his car hadn’t suffered any serious damage.

Simpson In A Mess

With blood all over the place, from a piece of the roof that smashed into Simpson’s nose, the panic attack took hold. Some inmates went running around View Dee in search of medical supplies and trying to find a way to get Simpson to hospital.

Pattaya One. Dominic Simpson at Banglamung Hospital.

Golfer Jacks Returns

A few minutes later View Dee owner, three times Olympian and one time Pre Olympian, Brian Jacks rolled in with his golfing entourage. After surveying the scene he said:

“It’s typical. This type of thing happens all the time. An aging foreigner trying to impress the ladies. I’ve seen this so many times. And he really should know better. He’s 47! Not 17. You can get a box of shuttlecocks around the corner for £2. Now he’s going to pay more than £100 in medical fees and to help fix my roof.”

Pattaya One: Brian Jacks. Dominic should really should know better at his age. Has a go at impressing the ladies!

Banglamung Hospital

At Banglamung hospital, 15 stitches were inserted in Simpson’s nose and Xrays were taken of his injured ribs and there appears to be no serious damage. Although View Dee’s action man will have to lie low for a few days.

Total cost 1,400 Baht but he will have to go back for a few days to have his wound cleaned. This is important as Coventry Tony, when bitten by a dog, ignored hospital advice and tried to clean the wound himself. Eight months later he had to spend a week in hospital to try and sort out his problem.

Pattaya One: Dominic Simpson. Time to pay up. Part one!

Now it’s all quiet at View Dee. The inmates have all settled down and are all engaged in their normal daily routines…




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