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Customer finds lipstick mark on her straw

Customer finds lipstick mark on her straw

A story went viral on Twitter after a customer dined at a restaurant in Bang Po and found a lipstick mark on her straw that was supposed to be brand new.

The customer was sure the lipstick mark didn’t come from her as she wore no makeup on the date of the incident on 23 October 2019.

Then the customer went to check where the straws were kept and found that what was supposed to be new straws had lipstick marks and green marks on them.

The straws are paper straws that are not intended to be reused. The twitter user stated in her tweet “The waitress gave me a used straw on my table, I didn’t notice until I finished my drink.

When my water ran out I noticed that there were lipstick marks on the bottom of my straw. The problem was I didn’t wear any makeup.

Then when I looked at the other straws there were more lipstick marks, some even had green marks on them.”

After the story went viral, the restaurant manager contacted the woman and apologized to what had happened.

The manager checked the security footage and found out at 13.30 half of the staff finished their shifts, but there were still many customers coming in for the day.

The restaurant ordered the waitress to come to clean the tables instead of the cleaning staff.

Then a new waitress came in to help. The manager told the waitress to get some straws for the customer. The waitress went and grabbed used straws from behind the counter where they were placed to be thrown away.

The manager realizes that this is a big mistake and a great health risk. The restaurant is willing to take responsibility if any medical help is needed.

To protect incidents like this from occurring again, the restaurant has changed its paper straws to be double packed with another layer of paper.

They also issued an official apology letter and the customer updated he twitter stating that it was truly an honest mistake.

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