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Critical condition, but not dead yet

Critical condition, but not dead yet

77kaoded, the Thai media outlet, had quoted today, that the director of Somdet Phrayupharat Hospital in Sa Kaeo has issued a statement that says that the American man who escaped a Pattaya court was not dead.

At 3.30 am this morning Bart Allen Helmus was still in critical condition and on a respirator.

The media had used the word “coma” in their headline.

His wife is also still in critical condition after Bart Allen had shot her in the forehead.

Staff at the hospital’s ER had confirmed to the media that at around 4 am that Bart Allen was still alive, but barely. They said that his heart was still pumping.

This has all come after earlier reports that stated that the American had already died.

The truth seems to be that after five hours in such a critical condition he would be presumed dead and life support would be turned off.

77kaoded contradicted and added to previous reports about the couple’s capture. They said the American fired at the police twice with a BB gun adapted to be a 9 mm.

He then was reported as shooting his wife Sirinpha in the forehead. Earlier reports suggested she was only slightly wounded, now she is in a grievous condition according to the director of the hospital.

Following shooting his wife the American turned the gun on himself, shooting to the head said 77kaoded.

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