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Covid ID cards will be handed to every Brit after they get vaccinated

THIS incredibly detailed ID card will be handed to every Brit after they get their Covid jab — starting from tomorrow.

The first of 50 UK hubs received the vaccine yesterday as an NHS boss declared it was “the beginning of the end” of coronavirus.

Information on the credit card-sized ID items will include the type of vaccine, its batch number and date it was administered.

A bolded-up message reminds patients to note the date of their crucial follow-up dose.

The details plus the patient’s personal information will then be registered on an NHS database.

Croydon University Hospital, South London, became the first UK hub to unpack and cold store the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine yesterday.

Staff spent all weekend preparing for tomorrow’s launch. More hospitals will give out the jab over the coming weeks and months.

NHS medical director Stephen Powis said the roll-out “feels like the beginning of the end”.

But he also warned that “the largest scale vaccination campaign in our country’s history” will be a “marathon not a sprint”.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock added: “This coming week will be a historic moment as we begin vaccination against Covid.”

The first recipients will be those over 80, care home workers and NHS staff at the highest risk.

The Government’s position is that jabs will not be made mandatory.

But there are fears Brits could be refused access to shops and services if they do not show the ID card.

June Raine, boss of the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), urged everyone to get their jab — proved to be 95 per cent effective — and to ignore wild conspiracy theories.

She said the vaccine will allow the country to finally “turn the ­corner” — after a devastating year that has seen more than 61,000 Covid-related deaths.


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