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The Courtyard – Christmas Dinner

Christmas Dinner at The Courtyard

I hope everyone has recovered from their Christmas hangovers, because after today we only have 4 days to prepare ourselves for another onslaught celebrating the New Year.

How about your Christmas dinner? With so much competition in Pattaya, restaurants really had to step up their game this year in relation to prices, quality of food, and of course, service. As always, I’ve heard mixed reports from various different venues around Pattaya.

This year I ventured a little further out of the mainstream, all the way up to the top of Soi Nerplubwaan, and then left about half a kilometer.

The Courtyard was the final destination, and it’s only the second time I have been in the many years of living here. The place was actually recommended by a friend who lives in the area, and is a regular there for Sunday Dinner.

From the front you wouldn’t think too much of the place. It’s closed off, and is very easy to miss when driving by however, once inside, take a walk through to the back and you will soon realize where they got the name from.

The place is set out really nicely with a variety of seating, and although outside, is almost noise free being set back from the main roadside.

They had a set price Christmas buffet on offer, and some spread it was. All of the usual delights you would come to expect from any traditional Christmas dinner, as well as some Thai and even Laos options too.

At 690 Thai Baht, it was cheap. This is taking into account the quality of the food that was available, the service, atmosphere, and the little extras surprises that came with it, including separate little gifts for men, women and children. I know friends that paid double what we did at some places, and left hungry and disappointed.

So a big Thank You to the all the Staff at The Courtyard for a really enjoyable Christmas Day/Evening, we will be back.

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