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Couple with 51-year age gap have ‘no problems’ in the bedroom

A couple with a 51-year age gap have opened up about their relationship , revealing that they have ‘no problems’ in the bedroom. 

Terzel Rasmus-Williams, 30, and Wilson Williams, 81, met at a local newspaper event when she was 26 and he was 77 and fell in love. 

The couple, who are now married, appeared on This Morning where they discussed the reactions to their relationship with Dermot O’Leary and Alison Hammond

Wilson explained that he sometimes gets mistaken for Terzel’s grandfather while the couple are out together, but the pair just try to block out the haters. 

He told the hosts: ‘I can start with something that happened when we were together. I just heard somebody say: “Who is that that is with her? Is it your father or is it your grandfather?” 

‘I heard him saying that and I just thought to myself: “This is our business, it has got nothing to do with you,” and that is how I feel.’

Terzel, who has ended up with stepchildren almost 30 years older than she is, revealed that her family were happy for the couple despite the age gap, with her mother knowing that Wilson is a ‘good man’. 

Alison couldn’t resist asking a probing question at the end of the interview, asking them whether everything was good in the bedroom. 

Dermot could be seen hanging his head in his hands at the intrusive question but Wilson gamely answered nonetheless. 

He revealed: ‘Everything is good, everything is good. Many friends ask that question but I always say: “I’m not going to talk about it but what I can say is, we have no problems.”’

Alison appeared overjoyed at the answer, screaming out: ‘Yes, Wilson!”

Viewers also took to Twitter to support the couple from South Africa, tweeting: ‘As he said its nobody’s business but theirs..people are so judgemental and cruel’ and ‘I’m *pretty* sure you shouldn’t ask anyone if things are alright in the bedroom ffs.’

Another added: ‘Wish he’d replied “None of your f**kin business”’.

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