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Convicted terrorist on verge of winning 27-year legal battle to remain in Britain as a ‘refugee’

CONVICTED Islamic terrorist was last night on the verge of winning a 27-year legal fight to remain in Britain as a “refugee”.

Yasser Al-Sirri, 58, first claimed asylum in 1994 after being sentenced to death in Egypt for plotting to murder its PM.

He was turned down in 2000 and has since taken his case to court eight or more times, costing taxpayers at least £2million in legal bills, staff costs and court time.

Al-Sirri, who has been living in London, posted photos of IS suicide bombers on social media and kept explosives manuals at his home.

He wrote a foreword to a book urging the slaughter of Jews and calls exiled fanatic Abu Qatada a friend.

In 2006, claims he helped plot the assassination of an Egyptian general were dismissed at the Old Bailey.

Court papers reveal he saw “violent jihad” as an “obligation for Muslims”.

His appeals, including costly judicial reviews, have been heard by immigration tribunals, the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court.

Home Secretary Priti Patel went to the Appeal Court to contest a tribunal’s finding that Al-Sirri’s was entitled to remain in the UK as a “refugee” — but the court ruled in his favour last week.

The Home Office said it is disappointed and is “carefully considering our next steps”.

But in his judgment, Lord Justice Phillips warned a “failure to comply” with his decision “must be capable of enforcement” by High Court.

He added: “It is unclear to me why that should not be at the point when the Home Secretary first ignores such a determination.”

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