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Colorado Team Break Guinness World Record For Largest Aerial Firework

Guinness World Record

Colorado Team Break Guinness World Record For Largest Aerial Firework

Organisers of a winter festival in Colorado have written their names into the history books after detonating the world’s largest aerial firework, which weighs in at nearly 2,800lbs. Even better still, the gigantic explosion was captured on video. Feast your eyes on this:

The humongous firework shell, which measured in at 62 inches, which is slightly more than five feet, in diameter, was detonated via a tube buried into the side of Emerald Mountain, which sits above the city of Steamboat Springs.

This particular event was planned to commemorate the finale of the Steamboat Springs Winter Carnival’s flagship event, the Night Extravaganza on Howelson Hill.

The tube, buried 26 feet into the side of the hill, was filled with explosives that propelled the firework shell into the skies at speeds approaching 300 miles per hour.

Then, once it was about a mile up in the air, the whole thing went up and created an incredible end to the evening’s proceedings.

In the process, they bagged a new world record, which was verified by designated Guinness World Records staff that were present at the event.

After the successful detonation, a certificate was presented to Steamboat Fireworks, the team that had organised and executed the display.

This is the second time they’ve attempted this world record, but something went wrong at a launch in 2019. It’s clear they’ve learned from that mistake now.

In a press release, the team’s project manager and financier Tim Borden said: “We invested hundreds of hours into this project, and we anticipate that we will enjoy the satisfaction of this success for months to come.

“They analysed the data compiled from the group’s 2019 failure, and they made a couple of significant changes to the structure of the shell and the lift inside the mortar.”

He went on to thank the other members of his team: Ed MacArthur, Jim Widmann and Eric Krug.

This latest explosion tops the previous world record, which was set by a team in the United Arab Emirates who set off a 2,397lb shell in the skies over Al Marjan Island.

If you’ve got a second, that’s a pretty damn impressive video too.

It seems to climb incredibly slowly. In fact, it takes around 15 seconds to ascend to the full height.

Once it gets there, it detonates in a stunning white light, much to the delight of the gathered crowds.
More record attempts like these, please.

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